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Luigi’s Mansion: FAQ/Walkthrough by me frog
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| ~~~~~~~FAQ/Walkthrough~~~~~~~ |
| o———-o |
| |by me frog| |
| | Created on: Dec. 4, 2004 | Version 1.0| GAMECUBE |
|RATED E (FOR EVERYONE)| Last update: Jan. 1, 2005 | AIM: NOW CLOSED |

| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
| |%%%%% Table of Contents %%%%%| |
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |

|Ch.#| Name of Chapter/Sub-Section|Search | Description |%%%|
|(01)| VERSION HISTORY | VER. | I’ll describe the updates here |100|
|(02)| INTRODUCTION | INTR | My introduction to LM |100|
|(03)| CONTROLS |CONTROL| The basic controls for LM |100|
|(04)| WALKTHROUGH |WALKTHR| The full walkthrough for LM |100|
| 4a | Area One | Area1 | Area One guide |100|
| 4b | Area Two | Area2 | Area Two guide |100|
| 4c | Area Three | Area3 | Area Three guide |100|
| 4d | Area Four | Area4 | Area Four guide |100|
|(05)| THE HIDDEN MANSION |HIDEMAN| Differences in the Hidden Man. |100|
|(06)| BOSSES | BOSS | The four bosses of the game |100|
| 6a | Chauncey |Chaunc.| The guide for beating Chauncey |100|
| 6b | Bogmire |Bogmir.| The guide for beating Bogmire |100|
| 6c | Boolossus |Boolos.| The guide for beating Boolossus|100|
| 6d | King Boo |KingBoo| The guide for beating King Boo |100|
|(07)| EVERYTHING MONEY RELEATED | MONEY | The guide towards Spirits, etc.|100|
| 7a | Speedy Spirits | Speedy| The Speedy Spirits of the game |100|
| 7b | Golden Mice | Golden| The Golden Mice of the game |100|
| 7c | Plants | Plants| The Plants of the game |100|
| 7d | Rankings |Ranking| The Rankings of the game |100|
|(08)| ENEMIES | Enemy | The many enemies of LM |100|
|(09)| GALLERY GHOSTS |Gallery| The gallery ghosts of LM |100|
|(10)| BREAKDOWN OF THE ROOMS |Breakdo| The maps and breakdown of rooms|100|
| 10a| Basement |Basemen| The basmenet areas |100|
| 10b| Floor One | 1FMAP| The first floor areas |100|
| 10c| Floor Two | 2FMAP| The second floor areas |100|
| 10d| Floor Three | 3FMAP| The third floor areas |100|
| 10e| Rooftop |ROOFMAP| The Roof areas |100|
|(11)| BOOS | Boos | A summary of the Boos in LM |100|
| 11a| Area One | Area1B| The Boos of Area One |100|
| 11b| Area Two | Area2B| The Boos of Area Two |100|
| 11c| Area Three | Area3B| The Boos of Area Three |100|
| 11d| Area Four | Area4B| The Boos of Area Four |100|
|(12)| LEGAL INFORMATION | LEGAL | My legal information |100|
|(13)| CONTACT |CONTAC | Contact rules/how to contact me|100|
|(14)| CREDITS/CLOSING | CRCO | The wrap up to this FAQ |

| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
| |%%%%% Introduction %%%%%| INTR |
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |

Introductions. My god, I HATE introductions. Not because they’re boring to write,
but I’m not really any good at them. I haven’t been good at introductions for any
type of writing… essays, playwrights, books, and FAQ work is no exception.

For a while, I was a very, very active FAQ writer on GameFAQs. I slowly climbed up
the ranks since August 2003, and in August of 2004 I sorta calmed down for a bit.
Why? School, money, personal issues, social life.

I’ve decided to get back into FAQing, after three and a half months of not doing
FAQs. Like I expected, FAQ writing is still fun for me, although I won’t be as
active as I was before. Maybe a FAQ once every month or so. Before, every day was a
FAQ work day, and it got a little insane and sad to tell you the truth. I had no
time for more important things.

Anyway, I’m quite proud of this FAQ and how it turned out. I don’t think I’ll be
making any changes for a while, maybe never, since I think it’s fine the way it is.

| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
| |%%%%% Version History %%%%%| CH02 |
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |

|Version 1.0| Jan. 1, 2005 | Happy new year! And what better way to start off
+———–+—————| the year than finishing this FAQ? It’s done, and
| no new changes should be added, though I’m not
| marking it as final just in case I DO decide to
| make some changes.

|Version .9 | Dec.31, 2004 | Finally finished all the chapters, all I have to
+———–+—————| do is format the guide. I can hopefully finish this
| tomorrow.

|Version .7 | Dec.29, 2004 | All the chapters have been added except for the
+———–+—————| Introduction, Legal, Contact, and Credits. Those
| will be added within the next few days or so.

|Version .5 | Dec.21, 2004 | Added Area Four and the Boos chapter. I still have
+———–+—————| a few more chapters to go before I format it, but
| the guide should be done within the next ten or so
| days.

|Version .3 | Dec.14, 2004 | Nothing big, just addded Area Three. Still haven’t
+———–+—————| formatted it or anything, I just have the
| information.

|Version .1 | Dec. 4, 2004 | After a three and a half month break from FAQing,
+———–+—————| my motivation has been refilled so I’ve decided to
| start on guides agian. Instead of starting with
| some gigantic project, I’ve decided to do a small,
| realitively easy game (also the game that my first
| crappy FAQ got posted). And if you haven’t figured
| out the game I’ve decided to do, it’s Luigi’s
| Mansion. At the moment, I’ve gotten Areas One and
| Two done, nothing else.

| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
| |%%%%% Controls %%%%%| CONTROL |
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |

~Control Stick: Use this to move Luigi around. Since this is a 3-D game, he can
move in a three-hundred and sixty degree circle.

~C-Stick: Use this to move the vacuum around. Luigi must use both the control stick
and C-Stick in cooperation with each other in order to capture ghosts.

~A button: Not that big of an importance in this game. Luigi can use the A button
open doors. Also, when you’re not in front of a door, you can shake an
object to check for treasure/Boos or call out for Mario. There are many
different calls for Mario, and the call depends on how much health Luigi

~B button: The B button is Luigi’s flashlight. Hold B to turn it off. You can turn
off your flashlight to get close to ghosts without them disappearing.

~L button: The L button triggers your element. If you have an element sucked into
your vacuum, hold L and you’ll spit it out. Push L in all the way to
shoot a fire/water/ice ball out.

~R button: The R button is your vacuum. Hold it and Luigi will start sucking in.
Along with the control/C-stick, this is the most used button in the

~X button: The X button is your “search” option. Press it and you’ll go into a
first-person view looking through your Game Boy Horror. If you search
gallery ghosts, you can find weaknesses and you can also reveal Golden
Mice and hidden areas.

~Y button: Bring up the map by pressing the Y button. Rooms you haven’t been to are
in grey, while rooms you have been to are in white. If you have a key, a
key icon will hover above the door that the key goes in. The map will
always come up automatically after you get a key.

~Z button: The Z button shows all your items. This will show you your treasure,
elements, lost items, and gallery ghosts. If you select a gallery ghost,
you can find out a little information about each one.

-Standard Control-

This is the more realistic control, but I never use it since it’s frustrating. The
Standard control will make Luigi turn in the direction that the control stick is
pointing. This is irritating if you want to stay focused on one point, but just
move left or right. I do NOT recommend this option if you’re a beginner. You can
choose the control you’d like at the beginning of the game, or at the pause screen.

-Sidestep Control-

This is the easier, more helpful control. Sidestep does just what its name
suggests: Luigi will sidestep left or right if you move left or right while keeping
his flashlight fixed in a certain direction. If you want to move Luigi around, use
the C-Stick.

| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
| |%%%%% Walkthrough %%%%%| WALKTHR |
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |

| Area One Area1 |


After the introduction, Luigi will find himself in the Foyer. There’s nothing
downstairs and if you try to open the door you’ll be blasted back and lose five hit
points. Go up either set of stairs to find two more doors, one on your left and one
in front of you. The one on your left is locked, as is the one in front of you. But
if you try to open the one in front, you’ll hear a strange noise downstairs. Head
back down to see a spirit hovering with a key. It’ll drop the key and disappear up
into the Parlor, which is the door you just tried to open. Pick up the KEY
(PARLOR). It just so happens to be the key to the door we just tried to go through,
so head back upstairs and try to open the door again.

This time, you’ll be able to go through.


The moment you enter, you’ll see a cinema scene of Luigi sneaking around the house.
All of a sudden, the ghost that appeared before will show up. Just as it’s about to
grab Luigi, something will try to grab it. You’ll see a little old man trying to
suck it up with a vacuum. After the ghost and the man run around, the connection
between the man and the ghost will break and the ghost will disappear. The man will
introduce himself as Professor E. Gadd (E. Gadd. Cute) and will talk for a little
before three more ghosts appear. Luigi and E. Gadd will run back to the Ghost
Research Laboratory.

-Ghost Research Laboratory-

This is the only room outside the mansion, and it’s where Gadd does his ghost
studies. Luigi will explain that he and his mother won the mansion in a contest
they didn’t enter and Gadd will say that the mansion didn’t appear until a few days
ago. Gadd will explain that Luigi can’t rescue his brother without any help so Gadd
will teach Luigi how to deal with ghosts. You now can choose between Standard or
Sidestep control. Choose which one that fits you best (I STRONGLY recommend
Sidestep but it’s your choice).

-Training Room-

Gadd will quickly explain how to control your flashlight and Poltergust 3000 but
that’s not enough; the control scheme is pretty damn complicated and you’ll have to
use the B button, R button, control stick, and C-stick all as a team in order to
capture a ghost. Once you get it down, it’s incredibly easy but you might need to
go to the Training Room a few times before you think you’re ready. A total of ten
ghosts will pop out. You can’t stun them with the flashlight from far away because
the beam isn’t strong enough. After you get the hang of things, you’ll want to
check out Gadd’s gallery.

-The Gallery-

The Gallery, simply put, is total crap at the moment because every single painting
is empty. Why? Because all the ghosts escaped, that’s why! Aside from rescuing your
brother, a very very very very large sub-plot is trying to gather all the gallery
ghosts in the mansion. Once you’ve checked everything out (which isn’t much) you
can return to the lab and from there, proceed to the mansion.


The game will begin for real now. There are no ghosts in the Foyer, only a crying
Toad. Talk to Toad and you’ll learn that he’s upset because Mario is missing (my
god, what a horrible game that was). Cheer him up and he’ll turn on the lights and
offer to save your game. Once the lights have been turned on in a room, they’ll
never go off (except for one point in Area Four but I’ll get to that later). When
the lights are on, it’s time to scour the room for treasure and there just so
happens to be a large amount in the Foyer. First, do not stay in the center of the
room for long or the chandelier will fall down on you, causing damage.

Stay back from it and focus your vacuum’s power on the chandelier. If nothing
happens, head upstairs and blow on it. A bunch of bills and coins will escape, so
vacuum all of it up. Also, the little lamp in front of the shielded door on the
first floor has a few coins, so make sure to blow on the lamp as well. One last
thing: there is a sheet covering a mirror on the first floor. Suck the sheet up
and you’ll find the mirror behind it. In any part of the mansion that has a mirror
(with the exception of the very large mirror in the Mirror Room) you can look
through it with your Game Boy Horror and press A to be warped back to the Foyer.

Remember this if you find yourself in a tight spot and need to get back to a safe
place quickly. Now head upstairs and collect the coins if you haven’t already, then
head into the Parlor.


|BOO: Bamboo*** |
|”I am BamBoo, if you please” |
|HP: 30 |

Collect the coins around you and shine your flashlight on the chandelier. Shake the
chandelier and a gold bar will pop out. After you collect that, you should notice
six purple candles. Blow them all out and the painting will get a little too
pissed. After all the paintings threaten you, your first few ghosts will pop out.
This battle is for real so remember what you learned in the Training Room and take
out the three ghosts (they only appear one at a time so it should be no problem).
The lights will come on and a chest will appear. You’ll get a reward after every
battle, usually a key but sometimes the reward will be treasure.

Check the cabinets and drawers for treasure, and you should get a few bills and
coins. Now open the chest to get a KEY (WAITING ROOM) to the door that happens to
be in the northern section of the room.

*** – Once you free the Boo’s halfway through Area Two, you can search the rooms
for Boos. Almost every room in the mansion will have one, and you’ll want to
capture one as soon as you light a room. When you first travel through the Parlor,
you won’t be able to capture Boos so ignore the Boo info for now.

-Waiting Room-

|BOO: Bootha |
|”Looking for me? Bootha!”|
|HP: 50 |

This is one of the rare rooms that doesn’t give you anything after you clear the
ghosts out. Nothing triggers the ghost’s appearance this time, they’ll just appear
randomly. The orange ghosts are back but a new kind of ghost, the pink ghost, will
appear. The only thing different about it is that it has twenty HP instead of ten
and should also prove to be no problem for you. Make sure to search the drawers and
chandeliers to find cash and coins, then head into the Closet.


|BOO: GameBoo Advance |
|”Wanna play GameBoo Advance?”|
|HP: 30 |

This is the first room that should provide a challenge for Luigi. There is a new,
tougher ghost in here which you’ll find out about in a second. First, do NOT open
the wardrobe doors until I tell you to. Take out the orange ghosts that appear and
then a huge, green Garbage Can Ghost. These guys have forty HP and throw slippery
bananas around. You’ll need to be skillful in order to capture these guys without
breaking connection or slipping on their bananas. Once you’re sure all the ghosts
in the room are gone (the lights will still be shut off but wait until ghosts stop
appearing) then open the right wardrobe and a Speedy Spirit will appear.

These guys look like regular blue ghosts but they are incredibly fast and will
produce a ****load of cash if you catch them. If you fail to capture them the first
time, then you won’t get a second chance so you might want to save before
attempting to catch these guys (there’s a Toad on the balcony on the left, lucky
you). Also, once the lights are on, the guys disappear forever which is why you
always have to get them before you capture all the ghosts. Immediately stun it with
your flashlight and start to vacuum it up. Luckily, Speedy Spirit’s only have ten
HP so the battle should be brief. Vacuum up all the cash and then open the other
two wardrobe doors one at a time.

The middle one will produce treasure and the left one will produce a Gold Ghost
(orange ghosts). Once that ghost is gone, the lights will come on. No chest will
appear but you’ll find the key on a hanger. Vacuum the KEY (STUDY) down from its
resting place and head through the door on your left.

-Second Floor Balcony-

There is crying Toad here. Talk to him and he’ll turn on the lights as well as save
your game. Later, when you have the Water Element Medal, you’ll be able to come
back here and water the plants for a blue diamond and a gold bar. From here, you’ll
want to return to the Closet and look through the mirror with your GBH to return to
the Foyer. Head upstairs and through the door on your left to enter a second floor
hallway. This is where the second half of Area Two takes place.

-West Wing-

No, not the president’s office, just a small hallway in the western part of the
mansion. Let me tell you right off hand, ghosts won’t stop appearing in hallways
until you clear the area in which they take place. However, they aren’t big ghosts,
only mice, bats, and incredibly weak bombers. Follow the line of coins to a door
but do NOT enter it. The door is a fake, meaning when you try to open it you’ll
simply be slammed into the wall, losing hearts and coins. Don’t go through a door
that I don’t mention and you should be fine. If you’re unsure whether a door is
fake or not, blow on it with your vacuum. If the door shakes, it’s real but if it
doesn’t then it’s fake.

Head into the first room on Luigi’s right as he enters the hallway.


|BOO: Taboo |
|”Speak not my name: TaBoo!”|
|HP: 50 |

There’s a Gold Mouse AND Speedy Spirit in here, which means LOTS of treasure.
First, make sure you’ve saved because you don’t want to miss out on either of these
guys. The Speedy Spirit should be hiding in the desk, so shake that. If it doesn’t
appear, then search other places (including the rocking chair Neville’s in) for it.
Once you spot it, suck it up and collect the treasure. Now go behind the desk and
look through your Game Boy Horror. You should spot a piece of cheese. Examine it
and a Gold Mouse will pop out. Quickly go back to your regular view and suck up the
mouse for a lot of treasure and a few diamonds.

You should now have over 150 coins, over 100 bills, and a couple of diamonds.
That’s enough treasure hunting for now though. You notice I have said nothing so
far of the ghost that rests in the rocking chair. That’s Neville, your first
gallery ghost. Neville needs to be put away into a painting but the gallery ghosts
can’t be caught like normal ghosts can. Each gallery ghost has a different weak
spot, but Neville’s is very noticeable. Face away from the rocking chair with your
flashing off (hold B). When Neville starts to yawn, turn around and release B to
stun him. Quickly turn your vacuum onto Neville. Every gallery ghost (with the
exception of the final boss) has 100 HP and slowly get harder to catch.

If you read my introduction, I explained how to catch gallery ghosts but here’s a
quickly summary: the ghosts will move all over the room trying to escape so you
have to always try to face them with the C-stick while rapidly tilting the control
stick in the opposite direction. Pearls will drop from the ghosts as you drain
their hit points: a small pearl for ten points in a single pull, a medium pearl for
fifty points in a single pull, and a large pearl for ninety points in a single
pull. If you get only small pearls, you’ll get a bronze-framed picture in the
gallery. Medium pearls will get you a silver-framed picture while a big pearl will
net you a gold-framed picture.

Each picture is different, with the gold ones always being the coolest. A poison
mushroom will drop from the ghost overtime so make sure to avoid that because it
will cause you to lose the connection with your ghost. Once Neville has been
capture, the lights will turn on. Collect the pearls and search the desk and
chandelier for money. The books hold some information on gallery ghosts and mice so
read them if you want. Then open the chest to get a KEY (MASTER BEDROOM).

-Master Bedroom-

|BOO: Boolicious |
|”I am the yummy Boolicious!”|
|HP: 30 |

This room doesn’t hold anything super special, but it DOES hold Lydia, the second
gallery ghost. Once again, this ghost has a specific weakness and it’s harder to
point out than Neville’s. No matter, me frog is here to save you! Anyway, you’ll
find that Lydia likes to stare at the mirror and comb her hair. That’s it. Nothing
else. If you’ve seen “Ring” then you’ll get a creepy resemblance. Anyway, Lydia
doesn’t like wind. I have no idea why, she’s a ghost, but she doesn’t like it. Go
over to the curtain’s and pull the one closest to Lydia all the way back. When she
looks over and notices the draft, shine your light and suck her up.

She should be another easy one, so you should be able to get the big pearl. When
she’s gone, the lights will come up and a chest will appear with a KEY (NURSERY).
Scour the room for treasure, as usual, and then head off to the final portion of
Area One.


|BOO: Turboo |
|”I am Turboo, and off I go!”|
|HP: 50 |

This room holds the boos, a big heart, and (later) a Speedy Spirit. The Speedy
Spirit will appear in the crib during the blackout of Area Four (I’ll remind you to
go back here in case you forget). If you’re low on health, you can open the drawer
on your right to find a heart that will restore fifty hit points (very convenient
when you’re in a tight spot). Now go over to the rocking horse and collect the
coins. Then make the rocking horse move by blowing on it and the baby, Chauncey,
will wake up. He’ll ask if you want to play with him. You have no choice, so
quickly turn around and vacuum up the ball. It’ll stick to your vacuum so turn
around and face Chauncey, then release the ball at him.

This will knock Chauncey back. That’s it. You beat the boss. Actually, that was a
really crappy warm-up. The real boss is about to come. Chauncey will make you grow
small. Really small. Then he’ll transport you to his crib. Then… well, what do
you think happens?

Boss section. Duh.


The lights will come on and a giant chest will appear. You can search the room for
treasure, although you’ll only find a few coins. Then open the chest to get a KEY
(FIRST FLOOR HALL). Suddenly, Gadd will call from the GBH. You’ll automatically
return to the lab after every boss battle to empty your Poltergust 3000 of gallery

-Ghost Research Laboratory-

Back here, Gadd will show you his Ghost Portificationizer (long word) which turns
ghosts into visible forms, and then into paintings (he also says it works in
reverse as well… who cares?). Once they’re all paintings again, you can see what
frame color you got and you can also add up how much cash you got. You should have
over eight million right now if you got the Speedy Spirits and the Gold Mouse but
if you don’t have it, don’t fret. You get a lot more in Areas Two, Three, and Four.
You can now go to the Gallery to view your portraits or return to the mansion to
start Area Two.

| Area Two Area2 |


Now that you have Chauncey’s Pink Key, you can enter the Main Hall, which is where
you’ll access basically every part of the mansion. This is where the real game
begins; the areas are longer, the ghosts are tougher, the money is high, and
there’s a bunch of new upgrades you can get. Oh, and you get to fight the Boos as

-Main Hall-

The main hall connects you to the basement area and the second floor, as well as an
extra eleven areas which lead to new areas which lead to new areas which lead to…
yeah. So this area has a lot of mice and bats, including a single gold mouse that
will appear one out of every four or so times you visit the hallway. A noise will
sound when it appears, so make sure to grab it for the cash because, believe me,
you want that mouse. Anyway, some ghosts will drop down, but they have zero HP so
simply stunning an activating your vacuum will have them sucked up. They keep re-
spawning, however, until you beat the area boss which is Bogmire.

So I suggest you just ignore the ghosts as you head through the hall. Your first
destination is the bathroom. Go right, up, left, and up until you reach the back of
the hallway. Enter the room on your left, which is unlocked.


There is no treasure in here, no gallery ghosts, no Boo… nothing. Just a key
which you need to get. There’s nothing behind the shower curtain so don’t bother.
Just wait for the two ghosts to pop up. These new Grabbing Ghosts will sneak up on
you and grab you, rapidly depleting HP. Shake the control stick left and right to
get the ghosts off your back. Suck them up the same way as you do all ghosts and
the lights will come up and a key will be revealed on the upper shelf. Knock it
down and grab the KEY (BALLROOM). Now return to the Main Hall and head to the


|BOO: Boo La La |
|”Hello! I am Boo La La!”|
|HP: 60 |

This is a big room containing a new ghost and a gallery ghost, as well as some
treasure. There are no Speedy Spirits or Gold Mice. There are Shy Guy ghosts. There
are three per dance floor but they appear in pairs of twos. You’ll want to suck off
the masks first, so get close to the Shy Guys and activate your vacuum. Without the
masks, the Shy Guys will try to hide their faces. Shine your light and vacuum these
guys up (20 HP each). When all six Shy Guys are gone, the Whirlwinds will appear on
the left ballroom floor. Stand on the floor and face away from them. If you face
them, they’ll disappear (flashlight on or off) and if you step off the floor
they’ll disappear.

Wait until the Whirlwinds spin and bow, then shine your light on them. You’ll be
capturing both at the same time, but they stupidly never let go making it all too
easy for you. This ghost might be a bit tougher than the Area One ghosts but it
should still be pretty simple (the spinning floors make it a little more
difficult). Once they’re gone, the lights will come on, a chest will appear, and
the floors will stop spinning. Search the chandeliers for treasure and a gold bar,
then open the chest to find a key to the Storage Room.

-Storage Room-

|BOO: GameBoo |
|”Just call me GameBoo!”|
|HP: 50 |

First off, a Speedy Spirit rests in the chair on your right. Shake the chair and
the ghost will appear. Capture it for a bunch of treasure and cash, and then defeat
the Purple Punchers and the Grabbing Ghosts. There should be four or five of them.
The lights will then come on and you’ll see that this room really doesn’t have
anything special in it and that it seems to be a dead end. YEAH BUT GUESS WHAT?
YOU’RE WRONG CUZ YOU SUCK! Look in the mirror to see a button reflected in it. The
wall opposite the mirror has a button. If you can’t find it, look at the wall with
your GBH so you can view it for yourself. Press this button and the wall will roll
back, revealing another part of the room.

Here, you’ll find a trapdoor and a poster with “DANGER” on it. Pull the poster
(vacuum it off the wall for those of you who don’t understand) to reveal another
switch. Seeing as how this switch was covered by a poster marked “DANGER” then we
really shouldn’t press this but… do it anyway. Wow, if you did that then you’re
an idiot. Fifty Boos plus King Boo (the one with the jewel on his head if you
couldn’t tell) will appear. Just before they attack Luigi, King Boo will notice the
Poltergust 3000 on Luigi’s back and will all scatter in different directions.
You’ll then get a call from Gadd on your GBH. He’ll invite you back to his lab,
which Luigi does.

-Ghost Research Laboratory-

Gadd will explain that it was the Boos that took Mario, but he has no idea what
they’ve done to him. Seeing as how Mario had been able to take on Boos before, I
don’t know why he can’t do it now but oh well. Gadd will then show you the Boo
Radar (you know how I remember the spelling of radar? It’s a palindrome! COOL
HUH?), a GBH feature that tells you when Boos are nearby. Blue means no Boo is in
the room, flashing yellow means there is a Boo in the room (it flashes faster as
you get closer) and red means that you’re right next to the Boo. Boos, however, can
trick you by throwing out bombs or balls and then you’ll have to find them again.
I’ll explain more about Boos in a second, but now it’s time to return to the


There are no Boos in the Foyer (or any other small room) but you need to backtrack
your Area One steps starting from the Foyer, then head into all the Area Two rooms
you’ve been in so far. Boos only show up in a lit room, so you won’t get a flashing
radar in a room until it has been lit up. At the moment, you can capture eight
Boos. Since Boos always appear in the light, you’ll be able to deplete their HP
about twice as fast as normal. However, you can’t lock on to them so you have to
manually follow them with the C-Stick. Sometimes, the Boos will go through the wall
to the next room. If they escape into a dark room, it will be very hard to capture
them since their HP depletes about half as fast as normal ghost’s HP does.

Try to lure them back into a lit room if that happens. Sometimes, the Boos will
escape entirely. When that happens, you have to wait ten or fifteen minutes for the
Boo to return to its original room. It might be a good idea to keep a checklist
handy so you know what Boos you have or haven’t captured.


Once you’ve gone through the previous rooms and collected all the Boos, it’s time
to go to the Washroom. Gadd will tell you to go there after five Boos have been
captured (if you try to enter before you have five Boos a nervous Toad will tell
you that the room is occupied). After you have your Boos, enter the room that is
below the Bathroom. There is a crying Toad here. Talk to him and he’ll say that he
dropped something really important in the toilet. Tell him not to worry and he’ll
turn the lights on. After saving your game, shake the light for a few coins and
then shake the toilet to have a KEY (FORTUNE-TELLER’S ROOM) pop out.

-Fortune-Teller’s Room-

The lights are off, but no ghosts are going to appear in here. There’s a Boo in
here, but the lights are gonna go on late in Area Three, which is quite some time
from now. There is a gallery ghost in here, Madame Clairvoya. You can talk to her
if you focus your light on her crystal ball but she has nothing for you now. BTW,
Madame Clairvoya is the only nice gallery ghost that actually tries to help you
(when you try to capture her, even though she lets you, it’s still quite a
struggle). Anyway, there is ONE thing that you can do here. Go behind Clairvoya’s
little tent and look through your Game Boy Horror to find a piece of cheese.
Examine it and a Golden Mouse will pop it. Vacuum it up for a bunch of treasure.
Yay. Now head through the door on the right.

-Mirror Room-

|BOO: Kung Boo |
|”Feel the wrath of Kung Boo!”|
|HP: 40 |

The mirror in here is the only mirror in the game that doesn’t allow you to warp to
the Foyer, probably because it is totally different from the other mirrors (it’s
about 10 times bigger). Anyway, this is where you’ll get the Fire Element Medal but
you have to watch out for the Grabbing Ghosts. This time, they’re invisible until
you shine your light on them. However, if you look in the mirror you can see their
reflection and you can also see their shadow (though in a dark room, their shadow
isn’t much help). Make sure to shake the control stick left and right if you are
grabbed. Once the ghosts have been wiped up, a huge chest will appear, the lights
will come on, and the door… will remain locked.

Open the chest to grab the FIRE ELEMENT MEDAL. Gadd will contact you and say how
this medal allows you to shoot flames from your Poltergust 3000 by holding L.
However, you must have vacuumed in a fire element first and those can be found in
fire (mainly candles that never go out). In the lower-right corner, there is on
such candle. Shake it and a fire element will pop out. Suck it in and a meter will
appear showing you how much fire energy you have. Light all six candles in this
room to unlock the door. Quickly scour the area for any treasure and return to the
Fortune-Teller’s Room.

-Fortune-Teller’s Room-

Once again, you can’t light the room. You can, however, light the twelve candles in
the four corners of the room now that you have your Fire Element Medal. Once all
twelve are lit, a key will appear on a pillar. Knock it down and grab the key to
the Laundry Room, which is where we’re going next.

-Laundry Room-

|BOO: Boogie |
|”Yow! Get down! I’m Boogie!”|
|HP: 40 |

This room holds a couple of Grabbing Ghosts and a few Purple Punchers. Nothing new
here, take them out to turn on the lights. Since this is a small room, the Boo
Radar will start beeping like mad so take out the Boo before you do anything else.
Also, the door at the northern part of the room is fake. Now that you have the
power of fire, you can burn fake doors so do that with this one so you don’t get
confused. Open the chest to reveal lots and lots of treasure. Yep, this room
doesn’t have a key, it just has lots of treasure. Now shake the washing machine and
MARIO’S CAP will pop out. You can bring this to Madame Clairvoya later (you can do
it now in fact but wait until you get Mario’s other four items).

Now head back out into the Main Hall.

-Main Hall-

You might’ve noticed the candelabra floating around the Main Hall. Yes, that serves
a purpose. Light all three candles and Shivers, the mansion’s butler, will appear.
The fire will freak him out and he’ll run (which is a very slow drag) to the
Butler’s Room. You can follow him into the Laundry Room and then the Butler’s Room
if you want, but it’s easier to just rush there now to get some things done.

-Butler’s Room-

|BOO: PeekaBoo |
|”You found me, PeekaBoo!”|
|HP: 40 |

If you arrived quickly, well before Shivers, then you can defeat some mice and grab
a blue gem. After you wipe out the mice, head to the bucket in the lower left-hand
corner and shake it. A blue gem will pop out. Now simply wait for Shivers to come
in. He’ll head over to the chair and sit on the fire, trying to extinguish it. Now
shine your light at Shivers before he disappears and he’ll be stunned. Grab him and
try to vacuum him up without coming into contact with any spare mice. This room is
pretty damn cramped so try not to get hit by the poisonous mushroom as you are
sucking up Shivers. Once he’s gone, the lights will come up.

Grab the KEY (CONSERVATORY). We can go over to the Conservatory or we can get a
****load of treasure by going into an extra room, the Hidden Room. After you search
the Butler’s Room for treasure, go over to the right side, above the toilet paper.
Look through your GBH to find a mouse hole. Examine it and a vortex will appear.
Exit your GBH and you’ll be sucked in through the vortex and into the Hidden Room.

-Hidden Room-

|BOO: GumBoo |
|”It’s my own self, GumBoo!”|
|HP: 40 |

Ooooh… Hidden Room… yum… Anyway, this thing contains a new type of ghost, a
****load of treasure, five gold bars, and one blue, red, and green diamond. Also,
during the blackout in Area Four, there will be a Speedy Spirit. I’ll tell you to
come back here when the blackout occurs just in case you forget. First, you’ll want
to collect the gold bars in the vases on each side of the room. Then you’ll want to
open the far left chest (make SURE you have a Fire Element though) and a Flash will
pop out. This icy guy must be blasted with fire before you can harm it. So give it
a blast to make it lose five hit points, then stun it with the light and suck up
the fifteen remaining points.

The upper-left chest also has a Flash, as well as the middle chest and the far
right chest. Once all of the Flash ghosts are gone, the room will light up. Capture
the Boo and shake the chandelier for a bunch of cash. Open the remaining chests for
some cash, then open the green one for a _LOT_ of money. Now head to the left wall
and look through the mouse hole again to be warped back to the Butler’s Room. From
here, head to the Conservatory.


|BOO: Boomeo |
|”Wherefore am I Boomeo?”|
|HP: 40 |

I love this room, partially because you can play the old Mario Bros. theme song in
it and it sounds so good. You’ll find a bunch of instruments here: a saxophone, a
harp, a cello, a bells set, three drums, and a piano. Activate all except the piano
to hear the Mario Bros. tune. Walk over to the piano and Melody Pianissima will
appear. She’ll compliment you on your music and then play a song. The song will
either be the famous Mario Bros. “Underwater” tune or the Super Mario Bros. 3 tune.
Answer the question correctly and she’ll get angry and throw her sheet music around
(if you get it wrong, she’ll disappear and you’ll have to leave and re-enter, then
re-activate the instruments).

Vacuum up her sheet music and Melody will moan in frustration. Shine your light on
her, then suck her up. Once the lights are on, capture the Boo and then search for
money. Open the chest to get a KEY (DINING ROOM). By the way, there’s a Speedy
Spirit in here when the blackout occurs. I’ll remind you to visit this area in case
you forget.

-Dining Room-

|BOO: Boodacious |
|”Name’s Boodacoius! Got it?”|
|HP: 80 |

This room holds a lot of treasure, and a gallery ghost. There are no regular ghosts
here, but there is a Speedy Spirit, and we’re gonna get that first. Head over to
the left side of the room and open the cabinet to have the ghost pop out. Quickly
stun and vacuum it, then collect all the treasure that it leaves behind. Now head
over to the left cabinet and open it for some treasure. Collect a Fire Element if
you haven’t already and light all the candles on the table. Mr. Luggs will appear,
eating his food. Vacuum up his food and it’ll slowly disappear. He’ll call for the
waiters to come. If they arrive before the food is gone, stun and vacuum them up so
they aren’t a bother.

Once all of Mr. Luggs’s food is gone, he’ll go psychotic and start spitting
fireballs at you. A lot of fireballs. A LOT of fireballs. Simply move back and
forth to avoid them (sorta like how you avoided Chauncey’s rocking horses). When
Mr. Luggs collapses from exhaustion, stun him and suck him up. Personally, since
he’s so large and since this room is huge, I think he’s one of the easier ghosts to
catch, though some people may disagree. When he’s gone, capture the Boo and open
the chest to get quite a bit of treasure. Just a quick treasure check. If you’ve
been following the guide, you should have close to or over 350 coins, over 300
bills, at least 10 gold bars, at least 25 small pearls, 20 medium ones, and
hopefully at least 3 big ones.

You should have three blue gems, three green gems, two red gems, and one silver
gem. You’re about to get a lot more money though, so don’t worry if you’re a little


|BOO: Booligan |
|”Boy howdy, I’m Booligan!”|
|HP: 80 |

There’s a Golden Mouse here that shows up randomly, as well as a Speedy Spirit, and
the Water Element Medal. First, go over to the oven on the left and open it up to
reveal the Speedy Spirit. Stun and vacuum it up for quite a bit of cash. Now open
the other oven up and light the pot on fire to reveal a red diamond. Grab that and
exit the room. A Golden Mouse appears randomly in this room, so exit and re-enter
the room until you hear the sound that means the mouse is out. Quickly vacuum it up
for some more cash. You need all the mice and Speedy Spirits you can get for the S
ranking so keep at it until you have the mouse. Now open the cabinet at the front
and check to see if there’s any cash.

Now open the refrigerator from afar (otherwise you’ll get hurt) and a Flash will
pop out. Stun it with fire and then vacuum it up to turn the lights on. A chest
will appear containing the WATER ELEMENT MEDAL. Gadd will explain that it has
purifying effects (duh, it’s water). Search the sink for a Water Element and vacuum
it up to replace your fire element with water. Now, before you go any further,
you’ll want to backtrack to previous rooms (to be specific, Second Floor Balcony
and the Master Bedroom) and water the plants there to get some gems. Also, make
sure you have the Golden Mouse from the Main Hall. Enter from the Foyer and exit
and re-enter until you hear the sound confirming the appearance of the mouse.

Chase it down the hall and… you know the drill. Once you’ve done all that, return
to the Kitchen and extinguish the flames blocking the door.


Here, you can collect a gallery ghost and, later, a very very valuable diamond
worth 20,000,000 G. First, head over to Spooky’s (that’s the dog) water bowl and
fill it. Spooky will wake up, but then chase Luigi around the yard. After a while,
Mr. Bones will wake up and try to shut Spooky up. Capture him and he’ll drop a
bone, which Spooky will run over to. While Spooky is distracted by the bone, stun
him and suck him up. Spooky is one of the harder ghosts to catch, so don’t kill
yourself if you don’t get a big diamond your first try. Once he’s gone, the lights
will go on. Now head over to the plant seed in the garden. Water it until it grows
a little.

If you water this plant after Bogmire’s battle and after the battle with Boolossus,
then you’ll get the diamond (I’ll remind you, don’t worry). Head over to the
doghouse and look through with your GBH. Examine the hole and a vortex will appear.
Exit the GBH to be sucked into the vortex.


This is where the boss, Bogmire, lies. First, go to the right and shake the pipe to
make a red diamond pop out. Now go over to the graves and shake all of them to make
some Mr. Bones pop out. Vacuum up all of the Mr. Bones and a glow will appear
around the head gravestone. One of the gravestones has a big heart that restores
fifty HP so grab that if you need to and then head up to the big gravestone to be
warped to the boss arena. Obviously, see the bosses.


Back here, a chest will appear with the Green Key, which unlocks the path to the
garden and the main area of the second floor. Once you have it, Gadd will contact
you and ask that you come back to his lab, which is what you’re gonna do of course.

-Ghost Research Laboratory-

Once again, the Ghost Portrificationizer will be used to turn the ghosts into
paintings. You should’ve caught five gallery ghosts this time (Mr. Luggs was an
optional one but I really hope you got him anyway). Also, you should have over
30,000,000 G. If you do, you’re in good shape for the best ranking at the end of
the game. Now you should head to the gallery, especially if you got a lot of gold
portraits. The gold’s for Spooky and Bogmire look pretty damn cool so I hope you
got those. Once you’re ready, return to the mansion to begin Area Three.

| Area Three Area3 |


From the Foyer, immediately head to the Boneyard and water that plant again. If you
watered it before you faced Bogmire, then it should be a small flower. Once watered
after you fight Bogmire, it’ll grow into a bigger flower. You need to water it once
more, but you can only do that during Area Four (I’ll remind you at the beginning
again). Now head to the Main Hall and go through the shielded door with your Green
Key to open a path to the Courtyard.


Lots o’ crap to do here. We have some ghosts to capture some treasure to earn, a
letter to find, a Toad to cheer, and a chest that needs revealing. First things
first, wipe out all the little floating Flying Fish all over the place. Then walk
around the area and a couple of Ceiling Surprises and Purple Bombers will drop
down. Vacuum all these 0 HP ghosts up and the lights will come on (it’s not much
brighter, but it helps). A chest will appear, so open it and a bunch of money will
pop out. Vacuum up all of this and then listen. You can hear screaming… hmmm…
We’re not going to locate the voice just yet. Go over to the fountain and grab a
Water Element (by means of the fountain) if you don’t have one.

Water all the plants you see and treasure and a green stone will pop out. After you
have all that, use the ladder to climb down into the well.

-Bottom of the Well-

There’s nothing much to this area. Go right, up to the little hole, and a cut-scene
will occur of Luigi looking through the hole to find Mario… trapped in a
painting! HOLY POOP ON A STICK! Seeing as how Nintendo isn’t stupid, they didn’t
make it so Luigi could climb through the hole, making us have to go through two
more areas. Oh well. After the cut-scene, turn around and head back. A Ceiling
Surprise will pop out. Oh, the horror. Vacuum it up and it’ll drop a KEY (REC
ROOM). Now climb back up to the Courtyard.


You’ll want to go right, over to the birdhouse, and shake it. Out will pop MARIO’S
LETTER, the second of the five dropped items. Head over to the shack and use your
vacuum from a distance to open it (if you try to open it normally, you’ll take
damage). Inside is a crying Toad. Cheer him up and he’ll save your game. Now you’ve
done everything you can do, so head into the Rec Room by means of the door right
next to you.

-Rec Room-

|BOO: Booregard |
|”It is I, fair Booregard!”|
|HP: 100 |

This mansion has everything, doesn’t it? Except an elevator, which would’ve been
handy but oh well. Anyway, this room has nothing but treasure, an optional gallery
ghost, and an optional key that allows you to create a shortcut. First, we have to
get the Speedy Spirit. Go down and look to your right to find a bicycle machine
thingymbob. Check the lower one and the Speedy Spirit will pop out. Stun it and
vacuum it up for your usual treasure reward. Now head over to the punching bags in
the center. Biff Atlas is lifting weights (with no one to spot him I might add…
he probably died by being crushed). What you want to do is hit one of the punching
bags (press A) so that it whacks Biff Atlas (how this actually hurts him, I have no

He’ll get mad and come after you. Run away and hit him once more with a punching
bag. He’ll get super-angry and start waving his fists around, but one more whack
will knock him out. While he’s down, stun him and then vacuum him up. The obstacles
in the middle of the room should stop him from going anywhere, so this should be an
easy capture for you. Once he’s gone, a treasure chest will appear containing a lot
of valuable things, including a few gold bars and a crystal diamond. Once you have
everything in the chest, search the area for money (I know the left chandelier
should have a gold bar) and then walk over to the treadmill. Get on and start

Run for a while and a key will pop out. This KEY (1ST FLOOR) will allow you to
access a shortcut that keeps you from having to always go through the Courtyard
when you want to get to this side of the mansion. Exit through the door south of

-Main Hall-

Since we haven’t been in this area yet, it’s still dark. Using the 1st Floor key
you just got, open the door on your left. This will save you at least thirty
seconds or so, probably more, each time you want to transfer from the first floor
to the second. Right now, we’re going down to the basement to get a Speedy Spirit
(that will become unavailable when we actually have to go into the room). Head
south and turn right, then go through the door. Climb down the steps into the


We’re only in here briefly, since there’s really no place you can go except for one
unlocked room. Go up to enter the Breaker Room.

-Breaker Room-

This room will save your ass later in the game, but for now it just contains an
endless supply of blue mice. Check the table to your left and the Speedy Spirit
will pop out. Vacuum it up and collect the treasure it leaves behind. There’s
nothing else you can do here so exit and return to the Main Hall, then go back to
the part that is still dark. From here, head to the Main Hall on the second floor.

-Main Hall 2F-

Right up here, you’ll notice a room that has a fire blocking it. You can access
this room now, but we don’t need to just yet so wait. Go through the door into the
actual Main Hall 2F. There’s a Golden Mouse in here that appears randomly so if you
want, enter and exit the room until a chime tells you that the mouse is out. The
mouse appears rarely, so it may take a while. Anyway, head left all the way and go
through the far left door.


Open the toilet and a Temper Terror will pop out. These guys need to be sprayed
with water before they can be defeated, so give it a blast of water and then vacuum
up the remaining five hit points. The lights will come on and a chest full of money
will appear. Collect the money, then exit the room and return to the door covered
with fire. Extinguish the fire and enter to reach the Tea Room.

-Tea Room-

|BOO: Mr. Boolangles |
|”Jingle, jangle, Mr. Boojangles!”|
|HP: 50 |

First, go right and open the drawers to find a red gem. Yay. There’s a Golden Mouse
in here, and we’re not gonna pass up an opportunity to grab a creature as beautiful
as that, are we? Nope. There’s only two ghosts so wipe out one of them (ONLY ONE)
and then go behind the table on the left. Here, you’ll find a piece of cheese so
look through your GBH and examine it. The mouse will pop out. Give chase and suck
it up to grab the treasure in all its beauty. Vacuum up the remaining ghost and the
lights will come on and a large chest will appear on the table. TOO BAD YOU CAN’T
REACH THE TABLE! No matter though. After catching the Boo and collecting any spare
treasure, walk over to the lower right-hand corner and step on the red and blue
circle to reverse the gravity.

Walk over to the table and step on the circle on the ceiling to drop down onto the
table. Open the chest for the ICE ELEMENT MEDAL, the last of the medals. You can
shoot out blasts of ice by hold L all the way in, freeze water, and freeze ghosts.
It’s the best of the elements, in my opinion. Now you must head to the Bathroom,
which is the door above the one to the Washroom.


With the power of ice, you can capture Miss Petunia, the gallery ghost in the
bathroom. Pull back the curtain to reveal a very fat, naked ghost. Actually it’s
just a very fat ghost. The idea of WHY Luigi will pull back the curtain when the
shadow of the ghost fits a “Shallow Hal” description is unknown to me. Freeze her
with ice and then stun her with your light, then suck her up. Since the room is
small, she won’t have anywhere to go but that also means that the poison mushroom
has a better chance of getting you, so watch out for that. Once she’s gone, collect
the pearls and open the chest for a KEY (BILLARDS ROOM) that is located in the Main
Hall of the first floor.

So we have to head back down there now. However, before you do that, take a trip to
Nana’s Room, which is the door opposite the Bathroom door.

-Nana’s Room-

|BOO: LimBooger |
|”Stinky, stinky, LimBooger!”|
|HP: 100 |

This is a rare part of the game where you can visit a few rooms in any order so I’m
just going here next because it’s directly across from where we just came from.
First, a Speedy Spirit is located somewhere in the right side of the room. Head
over there and check the armchair (not the couch) to make the Spirit appear. After
grabbing the money it leaves behind, it’s time to capture Nana. Walk over to the
bowl of yarn and press A to knock the yarn over. Nana will get pissed at you and
start moving around in her rocking chair firing… laser beams at you. Odd…
anyway, vacuum up a yarn ball, aim it at Nana, and release it. If you hit her,
she’ll get angry and speed up.

You have to hit her with all three yarn balls to make her vulnerable. If you miss
with just one, or if you take too long, Nana will disappear and you’ll have to exit
and re-enter the room, then start the process over again. Once Nana is vulnerable,
stun her and suck her up. When she’s gone, open the chest to get a KEY (TWIN’S
ROOM). After you get the Boo and any spare treasure, head back down to the first
floor and into the Billards Room (use the map on your GBH if you get confused).

-Billards Room-

|BOO: Boohoo |
|”Snifff… I’m… Boohoo!”|
|HP: 50 |

This room is optional as well, but it contains another Gallery Ghost and a Speedy
Spirit. It’s just you and Slim Bankshot here, so you don’t need to worry about any
other ghosts attacking while you try to capture the Speedy Spirit. Walk over to the
table in the lower right corner and shake it to make the ghost pop out. After
capturing it, head over to watch Slim Bankshot play pool. After he hits the three
balls, vacuum one of them up. Aim the ball at the cue stick (since Slim turns
invisible when you face him, you have to rely on his cue stick) and release to
damage him. He’ll hit another three balls and you must use a ball again to damage

Do this three times and he’ll bend over in what looks like pain (don’t ask). Now’s
your chance to grab him! After he’s gone, the room will light up and a chest will
appear. This chest contains another crystal diamond, making it your third one, and
a few gold bars as well as coins and cash. Let’s do a quick treasure count here,
just to make sure you’re caught up. You should have, if you’ve been following this
guide, over 675 coins, 550+ bills, 25+ gold bars, 55+ small pearls, 30+ medium
pearls, and 5+ large pearls. You should have seven blue diamonds, six green, seven
red, and three crystal. If you’re a little behind, don’t worry because sometimes
cash appears randomly.

Once you’ve searched this area for treasure, it’s time to head right, into the
Projection Room.

-Projection Room-

|BOO: ShamBoo |
|”Fresh, clan… ShamBoo!”|
|HP: 50 |

I’ve always wanted a projection room… those things are cool. Anyway, it seems
that there are no ghosts, but you have to activate the projector and start the
empty film reel, and then they’ll show up. The Grabbing Ghosts are invisible, but
you can see their shadows on the screen and the puffs of smoke in which they
appear. The Grabbing Ghosts will appear one by one, but eventually two at a time
will appear and, at one point, three at a time. Once they’ve all gone a treasure
chest containing MARIO’S GLOVE will appear. By the way, the Boo in this room should
be your twentieth Boo if you’ve been capturing the Boos in every room you’ve
visited so far.

After searching the area for treasure, we have to go back to an early part of the
game, the West Wing. There, you can use your key you got from Nana to open the only
remaining locked door. By the way, a fun little thing you can do in this room is
pull on the projection screen with your vacuum. Go back as far as you can and then
let go. A huge poster of a Boo will appear with the message “Get out of here!”
Nothing happens, but it’s a cool easter egg.

-Twins’ Room-

|BOO: Booris |
|”Call me Booris! Und be avraid!”|
|HP: 100 |

There’s a Speedy Spirit in here… we seem to have a lot of those show up now,
don’t we? Go over to the bunk and vacuum the top bunk. The Speedy Spirit will
appear up there so stun it and vacuum it, then collect the treasure as usual. Now
shine your light up onto the mobile. Vacuum it and start circling with the C-stick
to make it spin, waking the Twins up. They’ll ask Luigi what’s he’s doing by
himself, then offer to play a game of hide-and-seek. Exit the room and they’ll tell
you that it’s safe to come in. There are five boxes in the room, two of them
contain the Twins. The Twins are in boxes that shake when you vacuum them.

After you find both Twins, they’ll hop on their toys and star moving around the
room. You have to capture them one at a time while the other one is trying to
attack you so this can be a bit difficult. Once both Twins are gone, the lights
will come on and a chest will appear. Open it to get MARIO’S SHOE. After searching
for treasure and grabbing the Boo, return to the Main Hall 2F and head through the
only unlocked door you haven’t gone through yet. Make sure, however, to bring fire
with you.

-Astral Hall-

|BOO: Boonswoggle |
|”I’m Boonswoggle! Plooah!”|
|HP: 100 |

The Astral Hall is a small, cramped room with nothing but access to the next room,
the Observatory. Using the Fire Element you should’ve brought, light the fifteen
candles and Golden Ghosts, Shy Guys, and Grabbing Ghosts will appear. Wipe out all
of them and the lights will come on. Shake the chandelier for money and grab the
Boo, then head through the door on your right to reach the Observatory.


What a messed up room this is. It’s very small and there are no ghosts, but it’s
very important that you visit this place. Search the room for treasure (the drawers
and the chandelier are the most likely places) and then head over to the telescope
and press A. Luigi will look through and you’ll see an amazing view of the stars.
Luigi will zoom in on the moon, and you’ll exit the telescope view. Then, the right
wall will disappear (don’t ask) and you’ll be able to go out into what looks like
space. Strange because you’re only on the second floor of the mansion and the
outside hardly looks like this but I’m not supposed to mention that.

Capture one of the 100000000 shooting stars falling with your vacuum and aim it at
the moon. It’s hard to get accurate aim, so this may take you a couple of tries to
do before you actually hit the moon with the star. The moon will then explode…
(>__< Head out of the room and
it'll start to shake. When the shaking stops, head back into the Guest Room to find
that it's right-side up.

After grabbing Boonita, open the chest for a crystal diamond, some gold bars, and a
lot of treasure. Water the plant in the corner and head out of here. So that's it,
that was the side quest. Now you need to go to the third floor and enter the Armory
to continue your main quest.


|BOO: UnderBoo |
|"UnderBoo's makin' a comeback!"|
|HP: 150 |

The Armory has six ghosts that hide in suits of armor and in the chests. If you
check the suits of armor, they'll fall on you if they're holding a spiked ball
thingy. Check from behind or the side. Ghosts should pop out. Vacuum up the ghosts
as you see them and watch out for the falling spikes. Some of the suits of armor
can be hard to spot so search in corners and things. Once they're all gone, search
the remaining chests for treasure and then grab UnderBoo, as well as the KEY (PIPE
ROOM) then head into the Ceramics Studio.

-Ceramics Studio-

|BOO: TamBoorine |
|"Who shaking Tamboorine?"|
|HP: 200 |

This room is optional, but there's a lot of treasure and a gallery ghost to be
found, as well as the usual Boo. Here, there are nine jars you can interact with,
not including a tenth icy jar that contains an Ice Element (surprise, surprise).
You need this Ice Element to capture Jarvis (the gallery ghost). Shake the pots a
little and eventually Jarvis will pop out of one of them. He'll offer to play a
game with you. Say yes and Jarvis will disappear into one of the pots. When he pops
out, quickly run over to him and give him an icy blast. He'll retreat and pop out
into another jar. Do the same thing. Do this seven times (he stays in one place for
a shorter and shorter period of time as you go along) and he'll be ready for

The problem here is that there are pots that are flying around. You might want to
vacuum up those pots first so they don't interfere with your capture. Jarvis is a
pretty tough gallery ghost to get, so don't worry if you don't get a gold frame the
first time. Once he's gone, a chest with a lot of treasure will appear. After
grabbing the treasure, head down to the basement and go into the Pipe Room.

-Pipe Room-

|BOO: Booffant |
|"I'm booffant: nice hair, green."|
|HP: 300 |

The Pipe Room is a small room with a small purpose, though I like it. First, you
need to capture the three Grabbers (two red, one white). Stay in the corner and try
to capture all three at once, though it's not really necessary to do so (it's just
cool if you can). Once the three are gone, the lights will come on… but where's
the reward? Ignore your Boo Radar for now and grab an Ice Element from the barrel
if you don't have one yet. Careful near that sewage water; it's poisonous, so turn
your ice onto it until the river freezes. Walk across and turn the valve to shut
the water off. You can now walk across the board and grab the KEY (COLD STORAGE).
Now grab the Boo (remember, they don't like ice and this is a place with an easy
Ice Element) and then head into the Cold Storage.

-Cold Storage-

|BOO: Boolderdash |
|"Catch me? Boolderdash!"|
|HP: 150 |

You're very near your goal. The Cold Storage holds the twentieth gallery ghost, Sir
Winston, and also contains the key to the final "real" room of the mansion (the
quotes mean the final room where anything actually happens) before you go off to
fight the final boss. Careful in this room; it's incredibly slippery but someone
has decided to make a fire here. Why the ice hasn't melted yet, I have no idea but
grab the fire element and head over to the two unlit fires. Light them both to
reveal a giant block of ice. Sir Winston is frozen here, and we're going to be a
very nice person and thaw him out. What a good person Luigi is, aside from the fact
that he brutally "re-killed" a baby. Wait… apparently, Sir Winston really wants
to kill you for saving his life, so he sends waves of icicles at you.

Avoid them and spray fire at the ice block to melt it completely, then Sir Winston
will be ready for capture. This is a very hard ghost to get a gold on because there
are icicles falling everywhere, the whole floor is slippery, and Sir Winston is
very, very fast. You should be able to easily get a silver but aside from that, I
don't know. I just have to wish you luck on this one. Once Sir Winston is gone, the
icicles will stop falling. Capture your forty-ninth (I hope it's your forty-ninth)
Boo and grab the KEY (ARTIST'S STUDIO) that leads you to the final and toughest
gallery ghost.

-Artist's Studio-

|BOO: Bootique |
|"Bootique, c'est chic!"|
|HP: 300 |

This is the studio of Vincent Van Gore, the mastermind behind every single friggin'
ghost that you've seen (aside from the Boos… yes, the gallery ghosts are his work
as well). He's a little pissed that you've destroyed all of his artwork (hey, I
would be too) so he's set up a little challenge for you. Twenty-one ghosts, all at
the same time. No, just kidding, not all at the same time (that'd be so much fun
though). He spits out seven different types of ghosts, in threes. First, it'll be
three Golden Ghosts. Then three Purple Punchers, three Blue Twirlers, three
Grabbing Ghosts, three Shy Guys, three Garbage Can Ghosts, and finally three Purple
Bombers (what a sorry way to finish the battle). Once all twenty-one are gone,
he'll be ready for capture.

Even though there's no distractions going on around you, Vincent Van Gore is one
tough gallery ghost. He'll twist and turn and try to rush away as fast as possible,
which is pretty damn fast. Hopefully, you're experience with the vacuum should
allow you to use the C-stick and the control stick in a way where Vincent Van Gore
shouldn't be able to escape from. Once he's gone, the final KEY (SECRET ALTAR) to
the final, final area in the game will appear. Also, this is where the fiftieth Boo
is. After you have all fifty Boos, you'll get a GOLD DIAMOND worth 20,000,000 G.
Now THAT is a nice reward. If you're missing some Boos, make sure to check back
with other areas to see if you left some behind. The ones in the basement and the
ones in the West Wing 3F are the hardest to catch.

At one point in the West Wing 3F, I was chasing three separate Boos at a time
through the Armory, Telephone Room, Clockwork Room, and Ceramics Studio. It was a
mess, I tell you. Heal up to the max, save your game at the Foyer, then head down
to the Basement.


Go to the very back of the hall. If you have less than forty Boos (which is pretty
sad, seeing as how you ALWAYS have at least thirty-five before entering Area Four),
King Boo will appear and send you back to the Foyer. You SHOULD have all fifty
though, so there should be nothing to worry about. Head down the final, twisted
hallway and open the door to reach the Secret Altar.

-Secret Altar-

If you stupidly didn't heal yourself and save, then there's a mirror to the left of
you when you enter. Also, we can get some last minute cash! The torch on the right
has a bunch of coins and bills, and the torch behind that has a gold bar. The
chandelier closest to you holds a blue jewel. Once you have that, head forward and
a cinema scene with King Boo will occur. After talking a bit, he'll turn around and
then disappear inside a painting of Bowser. Bowser's mouth will open and Luigi will
be sucked into the painting as well.


You're on top of the roof, except the whole background is fiery (I'm glad they
didn't have a stupid battle with rain and lightning like every single other game
has). Also, there's no escape down the chimney this time. It seems like you're
along, but then suddenly… Bowser will drop down from behind you. But IS it
Bowser? Hey, remember when we captured Madame Clairvoya? I said Bowser had nothing
to do with this game and I wasn't lying…

Oh yeah, the boss section will have all you need for this boss, as usual.

-Ghost Research Laboratory-

This is where Luigi will put the portrait of Mario into the Portificationizer as it
works in reverse to get Mario back to normal. That's the ending. Crappy, huh?
Anyway, your total treasure count should be over 115,000,000G if you followed this
guide all the way, giving you the "A" ranking. Also, you'll unlock the Hidden
Mansion (next chapter). So congratulations on clearing Luigi's Mansion! Short game,
huh? Pity, pity…

| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
| |%%%%% The Hidden Mansion %%%%%| HIDDEN |
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |

The Hidden Mansion isn't actually a different mansion, it's just the same thing as
the Mansion with some tweaks. In the PAL version of the game, I believe there's a
lot more stuff but for the stupid, crappy American version, we just get two
additional things. The first thing is that the vacuum has 1.5 times the suction
power. That doesn't seem like much, but it can be very, very useful for gallery
ghost battles in which you failed to get a gold frame on in the first frame. The
second thing is that you take twice as much damage. Yeah, it sucks, but it provides
for a bigger challenge. Other, smaller things are:

-the portraits of the gallery ghosts are carried over to the Hidden Mansion
-if you get a bronze portrait of a ghost in the Hidden Mansion, but got a silver or
gold in the regular Mansion, then you get to keep the higher frame
-likewise, if you get a higher frame in the Hidden Mansion, then that replaces the
old frame

That's basically it. Nothing worth adding into a separate chapter, but I didn't
know where else to put this.

| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
| |%%%%% Bosses %%%%%| WALKTHR |
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |

After coming out of a four month break, I've decided that it would be better if I
put the bosses in a separate section. I doubt any of you are going to use this
guide all the way through, and many of you just need help on a boss. So… without
further ado… here's the bosses.

| Chauncey (Dif. 3/10) Chaunc. |

Chauncey is the third gallery ghost. Boss gallery ghosts are a little different.
What portrait frame you get depends on how much HP you lose. I'm not totally sure
of the exact numbers but I think if you lose ten or less you'll get a gold, fifty
or less nets you a silver, and fifty-one plus nets you a bronze. Do not take my
word for that, I'm not totally sure.

Anyway, let me say this right now: you deserve to be beaten down and destroyed by
this guy because you attacked him with a giant ball and all he wanted to do was
play with you. I should just stop the guide right now and let Chauncey finish you
off but since I'm such a nice guy, I'll tell you how to beat him up even more.
Chauncey has three attacks and they all repeat in the same blatantly obvious

The first attack involves hurling wooden horses at you. It's only fair that you get
trampled by a wooden horse because, after all, you attacked a baby. Stand in the
middle of the arena and wait for the horse to approach you. When you hear the sound
of it turning, quickly head left or right and you'll dodge it. It is very very very
very very simple to avoid this horse.

The second attack in Chauncey's bag o' tricks is throwing a bunch of balls (like
the one you used to nearly kill… shut up…. him with) into the crib and letting
them bounce around. It's only fair that you get knocked out by a giant bouncing
ball because, after all, you attacked a baby. There's no actual pattern to avoiding
this attack, you just need to watch the shadows of the balls and run away from

The third attack will be used after you attack Chauncey. Chauncey will bounce
around the arena himself, trying to body slam you. It's only fair that you get
squashed by Chauncey because, after all, you attacked a baby. Chauncey seems to
only know one way around his crib because he'll bounce around the perimeter. Stand
in the center and wait and nothing will happen to you.

So that's it. Those are Chauncey's attacks. They do practically no damage to you so
it should be very simple to get a gold frame on this even on your first try. But
wait, I haven't told you how to attack him yet, have I? After all of the balls

disappear, you'll find that one is remaining. Since Nintendo is so original, you're
going to have to suck up the ball again, aim it at Chauncey, and release. Once
again, Chauncey will get hurt. Now's your chance to turn your vacuum on him (you
don't have to stun him with your flashlight). Boss ghosts are pretty damn hard to
keep a connection with. It's practically inevitable that you'll break the
connection at least once during a battle.

You have to always be facing exactly where Chauncey is facing and tapping the
control stick back as fast as possible. If you're a beginner, you should be able to
get twenty or thirty hit points out of him in one go. Advanced players will be able
to get fifty or sixty out at once.

Once you break the connection with Chauncey, the attack pattern will start all over
again with the horses and balls. However, after you get Chauncey below fifty hit
points, he'll throw in a trick to his horse tossing. Sometimes, two horses will
come at you from either directions. Stand and wait in the middle (don't try to run
left or right) and the horses will simply pass by you. Continue whacking Chauncey
and vacuuming him until you have his hit points down to zero. Great job, you've
done some pretty bad damage to a baby. Aren't you proud of yourself now?

| Bogmire (Dif. 4/10) Bogmir. |

At first, I had difficulty with Bogmire. But after a few battles, I can beat him
without losing a single hit point. I'm just gonna get right down to business here
since there's nothing much to say other than the actual strategy needed to defeat
this boss.
Bogmire himself doesn't have any attacks. He just stands around and looks pretty
(which is pretty hard for him… HAHAHAHAHAHAH WASN'T THAT FUNNY? I'M A FUNNY GUY!
LOLOLOLOLOL… sorry). A bunch of other spirits will rise. Usually, I just ignore
all the spirits when I attack Bogmire but now I've realized a much easier thing to
do: wipe out all but one spirit. Usually, you'll want to wipe out all but the big
spirit. With a clear field, suck up the remaining spirit and it'll stick to your
vacuum. Aim it at Bogmire (the purple/pinkish ghost that casts the shadow) and
release. Hmmm… does that strategy seem familiar? Anyway, this will trap Bogmire
in a blob.

Now's your chance to use your Poltergust 3000 to try and clean Bogmire up. If you
used a big spirit on him, then it should be harder to break the connection.
Otherwise, you'll have to be a near perfectionist to wipe out fifty or sixty hit
points in one go. If the other spirits were around, then this would be a LOT harder
since hitting them would break the connection and damage you. But since we made a
clear field, then there's nothing to this guy. Eventually, the connection WILL
break, there's no avoiding it. About six or seven lightning strikes will hit the
field, spawning new spirits (more spirits, I might add).

Again, wipe out all but the biggest one and then use it on Bogmire. Once more, try
to vacuum him up. The connection will probably break earlier this time, but if
you're lucky you should grab Bogmire on the third or fourth try. If you stay aware
of your surroundings and purposely break connection whenever you're about to hit a
spirit, then you should have no problem getting the gold-framed Bogmire portrait,
which looks really cool.

| Boolossus (Dif. 7/10) Boolos. |

I hate this boss. It's not hard really, it's just frustrating. I suppose at first
it can be fun, but near the end it just gets really tedious and you can get upset
at the game pretty fast. Boolossus is basically fifteen Boos combined into one.
Obviously, you have to defeat these fifteen individual Boos in order to defeat the
boss, but they do a good deal of damage to you, which makes it hard to get a gold
frame for this boss (in the Hidden Mansion, your vacuum's suction doesn't really
matter so it's twice as hard to get a gold frame in the Hidden Mansion). One
awesome thing about this boss is that it gives you an additional fifteen Boos to
your collection once its gone but still, I almost prefer capturing them
individually. Besides, it would make the game longer since there would be fifteen
more rooms.

Anyway, Boolossus doesn't have any actual attacks other than bouncing around the
arena trying to squash Luigi. At first, Boolossus is huge but as more and more Boos
disappear, Boolossus will grow smaller, stronger, and faster. Oh joy. First things
first, rush over to one of the two unicorn statues and grab an Ice Element. With
that in hand, you're ready to fight Boolossus. Using your vacuum, try to trap
Boolossus (which is pretty tough considering how large he is) in your vacuum's
suction. Once you've done that, guide your vacuum toward a unicorn horn to pop

This will cause fifteen Boos to scatter in all directions. They'll underestimate
you here and charge at you mindlessly so you can run around spraying ice
everywhere. If ice touches a Boo, it'll freeze and you can vacuum it without a
problem. At first, you should be able to get about three to five Boos in, hopefully
more. The Boos, however, will soon form into Boolossus again.

It should be smaller and easier to capture in your suction this time, so steer it
once more toward the horn to pop it. The Boos should be a little more intelligent
now, and when they see you spray ice they'll run away. If you stop spraying ice,
they'll get close and that's when you can freeze them. You should be able to
hopefully get another three to five in, knocking the count down to, at least, two-
thirds its original size.

As more and more Boos disappear, Boolossus will get smaller and smaller and the
Boos will grow more intelligent. Eventually, when there's only two or three left,
they'll steer clear of you if you have ice and won't get anywhere near you. If you
stop spraying ice, they'll charge. That's when you have to get them, when they're
charging. If you mess up, they'll ram into you and you'll lose hearts which is
something you CANNOT afford to lose during this battle since you need ninety for a
gold frame. You might try hold L all the way to send out ice blasts, which are
incredibly inaccurate, but long range. If you get good with shooting those, you'll
be able to hit the Boos from a distance.

When there's just one Boo left, it'll bounce around wildly and hover high up over
Luigi to try and trick him. At this point you either have to have GREAT timing when
the Boo comes charging toward you or you need to be able to hit the Boo with your
blast of ice. The latter is definitely recommended if you're going for the gold

Once the last Boo has been picked up, Boolossus will disappear for good. That
should make your Boo count jump to thirty-nine. Only eleven more to go!

| King Boo (Dif. 9/10) KingBoo |

NOTE: When I refer to "King Boo" or "Bowser" I'm referring to the same thing. King
Boo is in a Bowser costume, which is why I sometimes switch references. You're only
fighting one thing here, and that's King Boo. Just wanted to clear that up.

I really like this battle. I find it so fun. But I also find it incredibly hard to
get a gold frame on because you basically have not get hit ONCE. King Boo's attacks
are incredibly powerful so you have to be very, very careful. Anyway, down to the
basic battle plan. First, King Boo's attacks…

No Bowser is complete without a fire breathing attack, and that's just what King
Boo's most preferred attack is. The fire can go a long way, but it stops at the
orange line that appears as Bowser spreads his head left and right, extending the
fire. You won't want to run too far away, or King Boo will do the stupid leap, but
you won't want to get anywhere near the fire. This attack will take away ten HP if
you're hit. You can afford to get hit by fire only once and nothing else to net the
gold frame.

King Boo's second attack is the one that gives you the opportunity to damage him,
but I'll get to that later. King Boo will make three mines appear. He'll roll them
down the path as if they were bowling balls. If you get hit by one of these mines,
it's five hit points off your heart count (this is the only attack that takes away
less than ten) and if a mine explodes it's ten hit points off.

If you try to get around behind King Boo, but are too close, Bowser will whip his
tail and cause twenty damage to Luigi. You can NOT get hit by this if you want the
gold frame, since you need at least ninety HP to grab a gold frame. But you should
never have to run behind Bowser anyway, so this shouldn't be a problem for you.

Bowser's most devastating attack isn't all that difficult to avoid. However, if
you're caught, it wipes out your chances for a gold frame and makes it pretty damn
tough to get a silver frame as well. King Boo will breath in a huge breath of air.
If you're caught in this, try to run the other way, against the force. However, if
Luigi is overcome, he'll be sucked into Bowser's mouth, where King Boo will beat
him up a little inside. He'll then be spit out. Luigi will be stunned at this point
so King Boo will use that opportunity to throw a little fire toward him. This fire
can't be avoided. In total, the attack does twenty-five damage (that's fifty on the
Hidden Mansion, which is half your HP!).

After King Boo throws mines at you, he'll always charge toward Luigi and stop just
in front of him to breath some fire. If you're caught during this charge, you'll
take twenty damage. It shouldn't be a problem, as long as you back away when
Bowser's charging.

If you're far away from King Boo, he'll leap high into the air. Quickly run and
keep running, but don't stay in the same place. Bowser will eventually land very
close to you (HOW do these guys always change direction in midair… it's so
freaky). If you're hit, you'll lose twenty hit points.

When King Boo is under 200 HP, the Bowser head will go on backwards. King Boo will
be unable to see, so Bowser will be wandering around the roof running into pillars.
If he tramples Luigi during this, twenty hit points will be taken away. This
shouldn't be TOO hard to avoid. Eventually, King Boo will put the Bowser head back
on facing the front.

The final attack happens when King Boo is out of the Bowser costume and you're
damaging him. The Bowser head will be floating around the area, shooting bolts of
ice at you. Stay in one place and when ice is spit, step to the left or right and
it'll miss you. Depending on how much the ice hits, you'll suffer ten to twenty

Now for a strategy on beating him. King Boo will always open up the battle by
breathing fire, which isn't unusual for all bosses (to open with their main

After this, King Boo will throw the three giant mines toward Luigi. Avoid them and
then when they've landed, pick up the one closest to you with your vacuum. King Boo
will charge toward you. Aim the vacuum at Bowser and back away as he's charging.
Just as Bowser breathes in to start the fire blast, release the R button and the
mine will fly into the head, blowing it off.

King Boo will fly out, totally vulnerable, with a whopping 500 HP. Don't worry
though, you can usually knock off 100 to 150 HP in one go. Since it is so
freakishly bright in the area, King Boo's HP will deplete VERY quickly, and he
doesn't move around much either. Simply stand under him and vacuum, stepping out of
the way when an ice bolt comes toward you. Try not to get stuck in a corner, or
it'll be hard to avoid the ice.

Eventually King Boo will fly back into the Bowser head. The strategy will repeat
itself. Do the same thing until King Boo's HP is at 200.

Once the HP hits 200, the Bowser head will go on backwards (like I said before) and
King Boo will run around not knowing where he's going. Sometimes, he'll hit
pillars. When hearts show up, GRAB THEM. You definitely want the gold frame here,
so hearts are wonderful. Sometimes, poisonous mushrooms will appear out of the
pillars so avoid those. Eventually, Bowser's head will come back on facing the

From here, the battle just repeats itself until you have gotten King Boo's 500 HP
into your vacuum. Afterwards, you'll get a red jewel (from his crown) and Mario's

| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
| |%%%%% Everything Money Related %%%%%| Money |
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |

What a crappy chapter title. This guide basically tells you the location of the
Speedy Spirits, the Golden Mice, the plants that give you money, the how much each
piece of money is worth, and the rankings you get at the end of the game. I didn't
think splitting each of these things up into a separate chapter was worth it, since
they would all be super small, so I just decided to merge them into one big
chapter. Anyway, I'll give you the locations of the Speedy Spirits and Golden Mice
first, so… onto the locations of the Speedy Spirits and Golden Mice.

| Speedy Spirits Speedy |

-Speedy Spirit #1-
Location: Closet (2F, off the )
Notes: The Speedy Spirit is in the far left wardrobe. I suggest taking out all the
ghosts in the area except for the one in the right wardrobe before tackling
the Spirit.

-Speedy Spirit #2-
Location: Study (2F, off the West Wing)
Notes: The Speedy Spirit can be found inside the table. I like to get this one
during the blackout, mainly because Neville won't interfere with you
catching it.

-Speedy Spirit #3-
Location: Nursery (2F, off the West Wing)
Notes: This Speedy Spirit can only be gotten during the blackout. During the
blackout, you can find the ghost inside the crib.

-Speedy Spirit #4-
Location: Storage Room (1F, off the Main Hall)
Notes: You can find this Spirit inside the chair on your right. Try to take out
all but one ghost before you tackle this guy.

-Speedy Spirit #5-
Location: Butler's Room (1F, off the Main Hall)
Notes: Speedy Spirit number five can be found in one of the stools in the Butler's
Room. I suggest getting this before you make Shivers enter the room; it'll
be easier since no ghosts will be bothering you.

-Speedy Spirit #6-
Location: Hidden Room (1F, off the Main Hall)
Notes: In this treasure-filled room, you can find a Speedy Spirit inside the right
(not the far right) chest during the blackout. If you open it before then,
it'll be empty. Try to take out every ghosts before tackling this guy, so
you don't suffer any interference.

-Speedy Spirit #7-
Location: Conservatory (1F, off the Main Hall)
Notes: During the blackout, you can find a Speedy Spirit inside the piano bench on
the far right. Be ready to point your nozzle up at the Spirit as it appears
above you.

-Speedy Spirit #8-
Location: Dining Room (1F, off the Main Hall)
Notes: In the far left cabinet, you can find this Spirit. This is a fairly easy
Spirit to get because there is NOTHING that will interfere with you
capturing it.

-Speedy Spirit #9-
Location: Kitchen (1F, off the Main Hall)
Notes: The Spirit hides in the left oven. Nothing special here.

-Speedy Spirit #10-
Location: Rec Room (1F, off the Courtyard)
Notes: The Spirit lies in one of the little bags on the right. It's the lower bag,
and there's nothing else you need to know. Just make sure to do it before
you anger Biff Atlas, otherwise it might be a bit tough to catch.

-Speedy Spirit #11-
Location: Nana's Room (2F, off the Main Hall)
Notes: This Speedy Spirit is a fairly simple one to get. Simply go to the far right
side of the room and shake the armchair. The Spirit should pop out.

-Speedy Spirit #12-
Location: Twin's Room (2F, off the West Wing)
Notes: A fun Spirit to get. Before you wake up the twins, climb up to the top bunk
and start vacuuming the bed. The Spirit should pop up right above you. If
you vacuum it up there, none of the treasure should leave the bed and you
should get all of it at once.

-Speedy Spirit #13-
Location: Cellar (Basement)
Notes: Right when you enter the cellar, shake the table on your left and the spirit
will pop out. Shine your light up at it since it'll appear above you.

-Speedy Spirit #14-
Location: Sealed Room (2F, off the Roof)
Notes: Inside this treasure-filled room, open the lower right chest to find the
Spirit. Make sure to get this after getting any spare ghosts (but NOT the
ghosts in the chests).

| Golden Mice Golden |

There are two types of Golden Mice. First, there are the random ones, which appear
in specific rooms and the two Main Halls. Then there are cheese mice, which always
appear when you trigger a certain event in five specific rooms. Mice will only
appear in dark rooms, but they can escape to a lit room if you're too slow catching
them. I'll list the random mice first, then the cheese mice.

-Random Mice-

Every so often, when you're walking in one of five areas, a golden mouse will
simply appear out of nowhere. You'll hear a sound that triggers this, so you'll
always no to hurry and catch the mouse before it gets away. These are where the
five mice appear:

-Main Hall 1F
-Main Hall 2F
-Tea Room
-Sealed Room

The Sealed Room mouse is very tedious to get because you always have to constantly
go all the way up to the roof, fall down the chimney, and if it doesn't work you
have to warp back to the Foyer, make your way to the roof, and repeat. I just
ignore this mouse entirely, unless I happen to get it on my first visit inside the
room. And once the room is lit up, you can't get the mouse anyway, so if you want
the mouse then you have to get it before you get anything else in the room.

-Cheese Mice-

-Study (behind the desk)
-Fortune-Teller's Room (behind Madame Clairvoya's table)
-Dining Room (behind the dining table)
-Tea Room (behind the left table)
-Safari Room (on the far right side)

| Money Plants Plants |

Once you get the Water Element Medal, you'll be able to water certain plants to get
jewels and gold bars, as well as some money. This portion of the chapter will state
the location of every plant that gives you a jewel or a gold bar. They're found all
over the mansion… remember, every little bit of treasure helps!

-Money Plant #1-
Location: 2nd Floor Balcony (2F, off the Foyer)
Treasure: Blue Jewel
Where: The middle plant on the right

-Money Plant #2-
Location: 2nd Floor Balcony (2F, off the Foyer)
Treasure: Gold Bar
Where: Not a plant, but the lamp next to do the door

-Money Plant #3-
Location: Master Bedroom (2F, off the West Wing)
Treasure: Green Jewel, Gold Bar
Where: In the upper right hand corner, spray the potted plant

-Money Plant #4-
Location: Boneyard (1F, off the Main Hall)
Treasure: Gold Diamond
Where: This one's a bit tricky. When you first enter the Boneyard, before you clear
Area Two, water the plant in the garden once and it'll grow. After you beat
Bogmire, return to the plant and water it again. Once you defeat Boolossus,
water the plant a third time and it'll open and produce tons of cash and
coins, along with the 20,000,000G diamond!

-Money Plant #5-
Location: Courtyard (1F, off the Main Hall)
Treasure: Gold Bar
Where: The lower left plant near the fountain

-Money Plant #6-
Location: Courtyard (1F, off the Main Hall)
Treasure: Green Jewel
Where: The upper right plant near the fountain

-Money Plant #7-
Location: Balcony (3F)
Treasure: Green Jewel
Where: The lower right plant, in the corner

-Money Plant #8-
Location: Balcony (3F)
Treasure: Gold Bar
Where: The far right, middle plant

-Money Plant #9-
Location: Balcony (3F)
Treasure: Red Jewel
Where: The upper right plant, in the corner

-Money Plant #10-
Location: Balcony (3F)
Treasure: Green Jewel
Where: On the right side of the west bench, up at the top

-Money Plant #11-
Location: Balcony (3F)
Treasure: Gold Bar
Where: The lower left plant, in the corner

-Money Plant #12-
Location: Sitting Room (2F, off the Main Hall)
Treasure: Gold Bar
Where: The potted plant in the upper left corner

-Money Plant #13-
Location: Guest Room
Treasure: Blue Jewel
Where: The potted plant in the upper right corner


There are twelve different types of treasure, and they are all worth a different
amount of money. You need different amounts of money to get the different rankings
(which I'll list next).

-Gold Coin-
Value: 5,000G

-Red Diamond-
Value: 5,000G

Value: 20,000G

-Small Pearl-
Value: 50,000G

-Gold Bar-
Value: 100,000G

-Medium Pearl-
Value: 100,000G

-Blue Jewel-
Value: 500,000G

-Green Jewel-
Value: 800,000G

-Red Jewel-
Value: 1,000,000G

-Big Pearl-
Value: 1,000,000G

-Silver Diamond-
Value: 2,000,000G

-Gold Diamond-
Value: 20,000,000G

| House Rankings Ranking |

At the end of a game, the total amount of money you earned throughout the areas
will total up. Depending on how much you have, Luigi will buy a better house. The
rankings go from H (a tent) to A (a huge mansion).

-Rank H-
A tent: Less than 5,000,000G

-Rank G-
A one-room house: Less than 20,000,000G

-Rank F-
A one-room, two-window house: Less than 40,000,000G

-Rank E-
A three-room house: Less than 50,000,000G

-Rank D-
A four-room, two-story house: Less than 60,000,000G

-Rank C-
A seven-room, two-story house: Less than 70,000,000G

-Rank B-
A twelve-room, two story house: Less than 100,000,000G

-Rank A-
A nineteen-room, three-story house: Over 100,000,000G

There is also an S-Ranking, but currently I don't know how to get it or what the
mansion looks like. If anyone does, please let me know!

| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
| |%%%%% Enemies %%%%%| ENEMY |
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |

Not counting the gallery ghosts, and the bosses, there are a total of twenty
different enemies in the game. They can range from walking skeletons to Shy Guys,
and some of them are a lot harder than others. I'll list the name of the ghost, the
HP, and how to beat the ghost.

HP: 0
Notes: The Bat has no HP and doesn't need to be stunned by the light. Simply focus
your nozzle on the beast and you'll automatically suck it up.

-Blue Blaze-
HP: 20
Notes: The Blue Blaze is one of three Elemental Ghosts that require you to use
one of the three elements (Fire, Water, or Ice) to defeat it. The Blue
Blaze requires an ice element. Spray the ghost with an icy blast and it'll
be stunned and lose five hit points. It's at this time where you can vacuum
the spirit up.

-Blue Mouse-
HP: 0
Notes: Like the Bat, the Blue Mouse doesn't need to be stunned. Simply start
sucking up the air and the mouse will come with it.

-Blue Twirler-
HP: 30
Notes: The Blue Twirler is an uncommon ghost. They won't become common until Area
Four, where you'll run into a lot of them. The Blue Twirler is sort of an
upgraded version of the Gold Ghost and Purple Puncher. While it can ram into
Luigi, it can also cause shockwaves. If you're hit by a shockwave while
trying to vacuum a ghost up, the connection will be broken. The Blue Twirler
can't release shockwaves while it's struggling to break free of the
Poltergust 3000 so try to vacuum up all Blue Twirlers in the room before any
of the other ghosts.

-Bowling Ghost-
HP: 0
Notes: In the Basement and the 3F West Wing, Bowling Ghosts will appear. They look
like your average Golden Ghost except you'll know they're different once
they start rolling bowling balls down the corridors. You simply need to stun
them and you'll be able to suck them up instantly.

-Ceiling Surprise-
HP: 0
Notes: The Ceiling Surprise is only found in the two Main Halls, the Basement, and
the 3F West Wing. The Ceiling Surprise will drop down from behind or in
front of you, and you'll lose HP if you run into it. Stun it with your light
and activate your vacuum, and the ghost will automatically be sucked in.

HP: 10
Notes: The Flash is one of the three Elemental Ghosts that require you to use one
of the three elements (Fire, Water, or Ice) to defeat it. The Flash requires
a fire element. Spray the ghost with a fiery blast and it'll be stunned and
lose five hit points. It's at this time where you can vacuum the ghost up.

-Flying Fish-
HP: 0
Notes: Once again, this is an enemy that doesn't require to be stunned by the
light. The Flying Fish will float around and will try to attack you, but
just aiming your nozzle at it will defeat it.

-Garbage Can Ghost-
HP: 40
Notes: The third type of ghost you meet is the ghost with the most HP, aside from
the gallery ghosts and the bosses. The Garbage Can Ghosts, luckily, are rare
in the game but you'll run into at least fifteen of them throughout the
game. The Garbage Can Ghosts like to run around and throw banana peels onto
the floor. If Luigi steps on these, he'll slip, lose coins, and take damage.
Also, if you were to be vacuuming a ghost up, you'll break the connection if
you slip on a banana peel. While you're vacuuming the ghost up, it'll throw
the peels all over the place so make sure to avoid those while you're trying
to capture the ghost.

-Gold Ghost-
HP: 10
Notes: This is the most common ghost you'll find in the game. They are the only
types of ghosts that appear at first, and there is nothing special about
them. Gold Ghosts simply try to punch you, but they have to "charge"
their punch before they actually release it, which should give you plenty of
time to capture the ghost.

-Gold Mouse-
HP: 0
Notes: There are only ten Golden Mice in the game. Five of them are found in
specific rooms and random times and the other five are found inside
cheese (see the chapter Speedy Spirits, Golden Mice, and Everything Money
Related). They don't need to be stunned, but you might have to move toward
them as you suck them up because they're pretty fast. Once you suck them
up, they'll release a bunch of cash.

-Grabbing Ghost-
HP: 20
Notes: The Grabbing Ghosts can come in different colors. The first types you'll
meet are white, but you can also run into red and blue. There are no
differences between the ghosts except the color. Grabbing Ghosts like to
sneak up on Luigi from behind and grab him. While they're strangling Luigi,
his health will deplete rapidly. To get a ghost off, push the control stick
to the left and right rapidly. In the Hidden Mansion, Luigi's HP will
deplete twice as fast so it's essential that you get the ghost off you.

-Mr. Bones-
HP: 30
Notes: If I can remember correctly, there are only six Mr. Bones in the game, four
of them appearing within five minutes of each other. Mr. Bones is simply a
skeleton that will try to harass you by throwing bones at you. Simply stun
it while avoiding the bones and vacuum him up.

-Purple Bomber-
HP: 0
Notes: Like the Ceiling Surprise, the Purple Bomber can only be found in areas that
lead to single rooms. The Purple Bomber will drop down long corridors and
drop bombs. Once again, stun them with your light and turn your vacuum on
them to defeat the ghost.

-Purple Puncher-
HP: 20
Notes: This is the second type of ghost you'll meet, the Purple Puncher. Basically,
these purple ghosts are just like the Gold Ghosts except that they're larger
and have twenty HP. The Purple Punchers also deal ten damage to Luigi,
instead of the Gold Ghost's five HP.

-Shy Guy-
HP: 20
Notes: It's a Mario game, so at least ONE of the classic enemies has to have made
it in here, right? It just so happens that the Shy Guy is the only one
(SHUT UP THE BOOS DON'T COUNT!) to have made it. You can't stun or lock on
to the Shy Guy at first. When you see one, try to vacuum its mask off. It'll
cover its face for a few seconds. You can now stun it and vacuum it up.
Watch out for the spear that it carries. If you get too close, the Shy Guys
will stab you with it.

HP: 0
Notes: This is the only enemy in the game that you can't actually suck up. If you
get too close to the Spark, it'll start to flash and eventually explode.
If you try to suck it up, nothing will happen except that they will explode.
Try to avoid them as best you can throughout the game.

-Speedy Spirit-
HP: 10
Notes: Fourteen of these special ghosts reside in Luigi's mansion. When you find
them, quickly stun them and suck them up. They'll release tons of cash.

-Temper Terror-
HP: 30
Notes: The Temper Terror is one of three Elemental Ghosts that require you to use
one of the three elements (Fire, Water, or Ice) to defeat it. The Temper
Terror requires a water element. Spray the ghost with an watery blast and
it'll be stunned and lose five hit points. It's at this time where you can
vacuum the spirit up.

HP: 10
Notes: There are only two Waiters in the entire game and once they're gone, they're
gone. Without a doubt, the Waiter is easily the most pathetic ghost that
involves using a flashlight. When you're trying to capture Mr. Luggs, he'll
call on the Waiters to bring him more food. To make your capture easier,
simply stun the Waiters to make them vulnerable, then suck 'em up. They
don't try to attack you at all, and barely struggle, so it should be easy.

| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
| |%%%%% Gallery Ghosts %%%%%| GALLERY |
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |

If you're stuck on a specific gallery ghost, I've put together this little guide to
help you get through. The descriptions have barely any depth, since that's in the
guide and I can't really say more than what I've said there. Here, I'll simply give
you the bare bone strategy of how to defeat the gallery ghost. It should be enough
for regular gallery ghosts, but you might want to head to the bosses section if
you're stuck on a boss. Also, I'll be putting the in game description of the
gallery ghost in here, for anyone that's interested.

Bio: 42 years
The Bookish Father
-Neville spends his afterlife reading all the books he missed while living.
Found: Study (2F, off the West Wing)
How to beat: You first portrait ghost is definitely the easiest one. Turn your
back to Neville and when he yawns, turn around and stun him with
your light to make him vulnerable.

Bio: 34 years
The Mirror-Gazing Mother
-She's stashed her secret savings away to prepare for her long afterlife.
Found: Master Bedroom (2F, off the West Wing)
How to beat: The second portrait ghost is no more difficult than the first. Lydia
doesn't like the cold, so pull back the curtains close to her. When
she looks over at the open window, stun her.

Bio: 1 year
The Spoiled Baby
-He cries loudly and never sleeps through the night, but since he was born a ghost,
this seems natural.
Found: Nursery (2F, off the West Wing)
How to beat: Your first boss isn't that tough. When Chauncey throws balls at you,
one will be left behind. Pick it up and hurl it at Chauncey to make
him vulnerable.

The Floating Whirlwinds
Bio: ??? years
The Dancing Couple
The Floating Whirlwinds
-Once the local waltz champions, they can no longer compete since their feet don't
touch the floor.
Found: Ballroom (1F, off the Main Hall)
How to beat: Stand near the Whirlwinds, facing away from them. Wait until they spin
and bow, then turn around and stun them with your light.

Bio: 72 years
The Wandering Butler
-He wanders the house, endlessly searching for his master's will. He hopes he's
included in it!
Found: Butler's Room (1F, off the Main Hall)
How to beat: In the hallway, light the candelabra and wait until he heads into the
Butler's Room. There, he'll sit and scream as he tries to put out the
fire by sitting on it. That's your chance to stun him.

Bio: 26 years
The Beautiful Pianist
-Despite playing moving melodies, she has a surly disposition. Oddly enough, she
loves playing video games.
Found: Conservatory (1F, off the Main hall)
How to beat: After striking up all the instruments in the room, talk to Melody.
Answer her incredibly easy question correctly and she'll throw her
sheet music at you. After vacuuming them up, you can stun Melody.

Madame Clairvoya
Bio: ??? years
The Freaky Fortune-Teller
Madame Clairvoya
-Her close connection to the spirit world lets her see nearly 49 days into the
Found: Fortune-Teller's Room (1F, off the Main Hall)
How to beat: When you bring Mario's five lost items to her, she'll let you capture
her. Nothing to it.

Mr. Luggs
Bio: 30 years
The Glutton
Mr. Luggs
-He prefers all-you-can-eat buffets to three meals a day. He ate himself to death
but still wasn't satisfied.
Found: Dining Room (1F, off the Main Hall)
How to beat: Light all the candles to make Mr. Luggs appear. Slowly vacuum up all
his food and he'll become angry and start spitting fireballs at you.
Avoid the fireballs and Mr. Luggs will eventually collapse, allowing
you to stun him.

Bio: 4 years
The Hungry Guard Dog
-This creepy canine will sink its chops into any seemingly edible thing in sight.
Found: Boneyard (1F, off the Main Hall)
How to beat: Pour water in Spooky's bowl and he'll chase after you. Eventually a
Mr. Bones will rise from the garden, annoyed. Defeat it and it'll
drop a bone, distracting Spooky, which will allow you to stun him.

Bio: ??? years
The Cemetery Shadow
-A product of the mansion's fear and despair, he's not sure who to fear or what
to despair of these days.
Found: Graveyard (1F, off the Main Hall)
How to beat: Suck up the shadows into your vacuum and aim them at Bogmire. When you
hit him, he'll become trapped in a sticky ball. This is your chance to
start vacuuming.

Biff Atlas
Bio: 26 years
The Bodybuilder
Biff Atlas
-This kind body builder loves muscles and lilies. Why lilies? They symbolize
Found: Training Room (1F, off the Courtyard)
How to beat: While Biff Atlas is lifting, punch a punching bag and hit him. He'll
start chasing you around the room but hit him with two more punching
bags and he'll collapse, allowing you to stun him.

Miss Petunia
Bio: ??? years
The Bathing Beauty
Miss Petunia
-The Miss Ghost runner-up from six years ago, she hasn't had much modeling work
Found: Bathroom (2F, off the Main Hall)
How to beat: Pull away the shower curtain to expose Petunia. Give her a blast of
ice and she'll become vulnerable.

Bio: 76 years
The Scarf-Knitting Granny
-She's still knitting the scar she never finished in life. It now stretches to 871
Found: Nana's Room (2F, off the Main Hall)
How to beat: When you knock over her yarn balls, vacuum them up one by one and hit
her with each of them. This will make her vulnerable to your

Slim Bankshot
Bio: 29 years
The Lonely Poolshark
Slim Bankshot
-Slim's a legend in the world of competitive pool. Too bad he's never played a
living soul.
Found: Billards Room (1F, off the Main Hall)
How to beat: When Slim hits the pool balls everywhere, vacuum one of them up and
aim it at the cue stick. Release to hit Slim. Do this two more times
and Luigi will be able to stun him.

Henry and Orville
Bio: 5 years
The Twin Brothers
Henry and Orville
-The twins like to play hide and seek, but since they both hide, the game never
seems to end.
Found: The Twins' Room (2F, off the West Wing)
How to beat: After spinning the mobile, the Twins will request that you play
hide-and-seek. Locate them in their boxes and they'll jump on
toys and ride around. Pull them off their toys and vacuum them one by

Bio: ??? years
Jumbo Ghost
-When the shy, timid Boos get together, their body and their altitude get BIG!
Found: Balcony (3F)
How to beat: Vacuum in Boolossus and pop it on a unicorn horn. Using an
Ice Element, freeze each Boo individually and vacuum them up one by

Uncle Grimmly
Bio: 45 years
Hermit of Darkness
Uncle Grimmly
-Adrift in the darkness, he tends to keep to himself, which suits the rest of the
family just fine.
Found: Closet (2F, off the Foyer)
How to beat: During the blackout, visit the Closet and turn around with your back
to the mirror. Uncle Grimmly will appear. When he raises his arms to
scare you, quickly turn to face him and start vacuuming.

Clockwork Soldiers
Bio: ??? years
The Toy Platoon
Clockwork Soldiers
-They once belonged to a tightly-wound toy collector but now they march on their
own without any winding.
Found: Clockwork Room (3F)
How to beat: After activating the three clocks, the soldiers will walk around.
Avoid them and vacuum up the corks on their backs to make them
vulnerable. You have to capture all three individually.

Sue Pea
Bio: 7 years
The Dozing Girl
Sue Pea
-What was meant to be a short nap seems to have turned into eternal rest for Sue
Found: Guest Room (2F, off the Main Hall)
How to beat: Sue Pea doesn't like water. Spray her with a Water Element three times
and she'll become vulnerable to light.

Bio: ??? years
The Jar Collector
-He loves his antique jars so much that he now lives in one. He can hardly contain
Found: Ceramics Studio (3F)
How to beat: Search the jars and Jarvis will show up. He'll ask to play a game,
where he'll pop out of a random jar and you have to try and stun him
with ice. Do this seven times and Jarvis will now be vulnerable to
your flashlight.

Sir Weston
Bio: 30 years
The Chilly Climber
Sir Weston
-This strange fellow's ice abode may be the reason he hasn't warmed up to being a
Found: Cold Storage (Basement)
How to beat: Using a Fire Element, light the fires in the corner. Sir Weston will
appear in a block of ice and start causing icicles to stick up from
the ground near Luigi. Avoid them while using your vacuum to burn the
ice block holding Sir Weston. Once he's been thawed, you can capture
him. Note that this is the hardest non-boss gallery ghost to catch
because of the slippery floor and icicles, so it may take you a few

Vincent Van Gore
Bio: 59 years
The Starving Artist
Vincent Van Gore
-Despite failing to sell a single painting in 30 years, this stubborn man refuses
to let his art die.
Found: Artist's studio (3F)
How to beat: As you enter the room, Van Gore will make the ghosts from his
paintings jump out and attack you three at time. You must defeat a
total of twenty-one ghosts before you can stun Van Gore and capture

King Boo
Bio: None
Found: Roof
How to beat: King Boo will appear in the form of a Bowser disguise. When he
throws bombs at you, vacuum one of them up. Throw it into his mouth
when he takes a breath to breathe fire and you'll blow the Bowser head
off, releasing King Boo. Now you can vacuum him up.

| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
| |%%%%% Breakdown of Mansion Rooms %%%%%| BREAKDO |
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |

There are a total of sixty-one rooms in Luigi's mansion, and that's a lot of rooms.
It's a pretty freakishly huge mansion so I've decided to give a breakdown of all
the rooms in the house, starting with the Basement and finishing on the Roof.
Included are maps, so it's time to bust out my SOOPER-DOOPER MAPMAKING

-Basement- SEARCH: Basemen

| |
| |
| |
_ | 9 |
.` `._______| |
( 1 _______| |
`._.` |________|
/ /
/ /
\ \
/ /
_____________ /_/ __________
| | | | |
| 6 | | | 3 |
|_____________| | |__________|
| 5| _|_|______
_____________| | |_____2____|
| | |___|_|______
| 7 | | 4 |

~Room 1: Under the Well~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: Rec Room
Elements: None
First visit: Area Three
Notes: This is just a small room with only a single Ceiling Surprise

~Room 2: Basement Access~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: N/A
Elements: None
First visit: Area Two
Notes: Simply the stairs that get you from the Main Hall 1F to the Basement. A few
bats rest here.

~Room 3: Breaker Room~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 1
Golden Mice: 0
Key: Cellar
Elements: None
First visit: Area Two
Notes: In Area Two you'll come here for a Speedy Spirit, but you'll collect the key
in Area Four.

~Room 4: Cellar~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 1
Golden Mice: 0
Key: Clockwork Room
Elements: None
First Visit: Area Four
Notes: All of the piles of dirt in the room must be sucked up before you can
proceed. When you want to get to the beginning of the room from the back,
there's a gravity switch you can throw.

~Room 5: Basement~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: N/A
Elements: None
First Visit: Area Four
Notes: This hall will connect you to the Cold Storage, Pipe Room, and Secret Altar.

~Room 6: Pipe Room~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits:
Golden Mice: 0
Key: Cold Storage
Elements: Ice
First Visit: Area Four
Notes: The poison water in this room must be frozen by ice before you can proceed.

~Room 7: Cold Storage
Gallery Ghost: Sir Weston
Speedy Spirits:
Golden Mice: 0
Key: Artist's Studio
Elements: Fire
First Visit: Area Four
Notes: Sir Weston, the hardest non-boss gallery ghost, rests here. Watch out for
the icicles.

~Room 8: Secret Altar Hall~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: N/A
Elements: None
First Visit: Area Four
Notes: Nothing special, but if you try to open the door before you have forty Boos,
King Boo will send you back to the Foyer.

~Room 9: Secret Altar~
Gallery Ghost: King Boo
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: N/A
Elements: None
First Visit: Area Four
Notes: Technically, you get King Boo on the rooftop but you start the battle in
here. King Boo is the final boss and gallery ghost.

-First Floor- SEARCH: 1FMAP

________ ___________________________________________________________________
| | | |
| | | 17 |
| | |___________________________________________________________________|
| | ________| | _____________________ | |
| 16 | | | | | | | |
| | | 3 | | | | | 18 |
| | |________| | | 12 | | |
| | ________| | | | | |
| | | 6 | |_|_____________________|_|__________________________|
|________| |________| | 19 |
________ ________|_______ ___________ _____ |__________________________|
| | | | | | | 5 |
| 15 | | 21 | 22 | | |__________________________|
| | |________________|___________| | | |
|________|________ ___________________________| | |
| | | 2 | 4 |
| 14 | 13 | | |
| | | | |
|_________________|___________________________| |__________________________|
| | | 20 |
| 9 | | |
| | ___________ | | | | |
| | | | | | | | |
| 10 | | 11 | | 1 | | 7 | 8 |
| | | | | | | | |
|_____________| |___________| |________________| |__________________|__________|

~Room 1: Foyer~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: Parlor
Elements: None
First Visit: Area One
Notes: This is where you'll always start your adventure when you die, turn your
game off, return to E. Gadd's lab, etc. No ghosts ever appear in here, even
during the blackout.

~Room 2: Main Hall 1F~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 1 (random)
Key: N/A
Elements: Fire
First Visit: Area Two
Notes: Without a doubt, the Main Hall 1F is the area you'll visit most during the
game. It connects to eleven different rooms, which connect to more rooms,
and you always must pass through here in order to reach 2F, 3F, or the
Basement. Ceiling Surprises, Purple Bombers, and a few Bats rest here.

~Room 3: Bathroom~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: Ballroom
Elements: Water
First Visit: Area Two
Notes: A small room with a few Grabbing Ghosts; there's really only one purpose to
this room and that's to get the key. There's not even a Boo.

~Room 4: Ballroom~
Gallery Ghost: Floating Whirlwinds
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: Storage Room
Elements: None
First Visit: Area Two
Notes: The first time you visit this place it'll be filled with Shy Guys and then
the Whirlwinds. After the room has been up, the ballroom floors will stop
spinning, making things easier for you.

~Room 5: Storage Room~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 1
Golden Mice: 0
Key: N/A
Elements: None
First Visit: Area Two
Notes: This is the room where you'll release all the Boos. After that, it serves no
other purpose.

~Room 6: Washroom~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: Fortune-Teller's Room
Elements: None
First Visit: Area Two
Notes: Like the Bathroom, the only purpose here is to get the key; no ghosts rest
here, only a Toad.

~Room 7: Fortune-Teller's Room~
Gallery Ghost: Madame Clairvoya
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 1 (cheese)
Key: Laundry Room, Safari Room
Elements: None
First Visit: Area Two
Notes: You'll visit this room a LOT. When you first enter, in Area Two, you can do
nothing but head to the Mirror Room and get the Golden Mouse. Later, in Area
Three, you'll be able to capture Clairvoya, light the room up, and collect
the second key.

~Room 8: Mirror Room~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: N/A
Elements: Fire (Fire Element Medal earned)
First Visit: Area Two
Notes: You'll collect the Fire Element Medal in here. Without it, you cannot
progress any further into the mansion.

~Room 9: Laundry Room~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: N/A
Elements: None
First Visit: Area Two
Notes: You don't need to light up this room at all if you don't want to, since
the chest revealed contains only treasure. You can find Mario's Cap in here,
as well as a fake door.

~Room 10: Butler's Room~
Gallery Ghost: Shivers
Speedy Spirits: 1
Golden Mice: 0
Key: Conservatory
Elements: Fire
First Visit: Area Two
Notes: This area links you to the Hidden Room, the room full of treasure. Aside
from that, and Shivers, it serves no purpose.

~Room 11: Hidden Room~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 1
Golden Mice: 0
Key: N/A
Elements: None
First Visit: Area Two
Notes: This room is totally optional, but it is full of treasure, and ghosts. A
bunch of treasure chests are in the area with jewels and gold bars. The
Speedy Spirit can only be caught during the blackout.

~Room 12: Conservatory~
Gallery Ghost: Melody
Speedy Spirits: 1
Golden Mice: 0
Key: Dining Room
Elements: None
First Visit: Area Two
Notes: The Speedy Spirit here can be caught only during the blackout. Also,
whenever you feel like going back in time, return to this room and strike up
the instruments for the classic Mario Bros. theme song.

~Room 13: Dining Room~
Gallery Ghost: Mr. Luggs
Speedy Spirits: 1
Golden Mice: 1 (cheese)
Key: N/A
Elements: Fire
First Visit: Area Two
Notes: This room is totally optional, but it's rich with treasure and an extra
gallery ghost. It's also the only room to hold a gallery ghost, a Speedy
Spirit, and a Golden Mouse. The reward for capturing Mr. Luggs is a treasure
chest full of money.

~Room 14: Kitchen~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 1
Golden Mice: 1 (random)
Key: N/A
Elements: Water, Ice
First Visit: Area Two
Notes: The Water Element Medal can be found in here, and you need it to continue to
the Boneyard.

~Room 15: Boneyard~
Gallery Ghost: Spooky
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: N/A
Elements: Water
First Visit: Area Two
Notes: One of the game's two Gold Diamonds can be found here. For more information
on how to get it see the Treasure chapter or the Area Two walkthrough.

~Room 16: Graveyard~
Gallery Ghost: Bogmire
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: Courtyard
Elements: Fire
First Visit: Area Two
Notes: This is where you fight the Area Two boss, Bogmire. You'll likely only visit
this area once, to capture Bogmire.

~Room 17: Courtyard~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: N/A
Elements: Water
First Visit: Area Three
Notes: This area gives you access to the Bottom of the Well area, and also holds a
Toad as well as Mario's Letter.

~Room 18: Rec Room~
Gallery Ghost: Biff Atlas
Speedy Spirits: 1
Golden Mice: 0
Key: Main Hall
Elements: None
First Visit: Area Three
Notes: The gallery ghost and key are both optional; the key creates a shortcut
so you don't have to go through the Courtyard every time you want to head up
to 2F so I suggest grabbing it.

~Room 19: 2F Access~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: N/A
Elements: None
First Visit: Area Three
Notes: Nothing except the staircase to the Main Hall 2F.

~Room 20: Basement Access~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: N/A
Elements: None
First Visit: Area Two
Notes: Nothing except the staircase to the Basement.

~Room 21: Billards Room~
Gallery Ghost: Slim Bankshot
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: N/A
Elements: None
First Visit: Area Three
Notes: Another optional room and gallery ghost, the Billards Room holds a chest
full of treasure and provides access to the Projection Room.

~Room 22: Projection Room~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: N/A
Elements: None
First Visit: Area Three
Notes: This room holds Mario's Glove; that's the only reason you need to visit this

-Second Floor- SEARCH: 2FMAP

_______ ____ _____________________________ _______________________
| | | | |
| 14 | | 15 | 11 |
|_______| |_____________________________|______ ________________|
_______| | |
| 13 | | 10 |
|_______|_____________________________ ______|________________|
___ ________________ __________________ | |_______________ _______
| | | | | | | |
| | | | | | 17 | 18 |
| 5 | 4 | 3 | | | | |
| | | | | |_______________|_______|
|___|________________| | | 12 | ___________________
______________ ______________ |__________________| | | | |
| | | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | | 19 |
| 8 | 7 | | 2 | | | | |
| | | | | | | |___________________|
| | | | | | |_______________________
|______________|______________|_|__________________| | |
| | | | |
| 6 | | |______________ _____________|
|_____________________________| | | | |
| | | 1 | | | |
| 9 | | | | 20 | 21 |
| | 16 | | | | |
|______________|______________|____________________| |______________|_____________|

NOTE: Please note that rooms 1-9 and 18 are a totally separate section than rooms

~Room 1: Foyer~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: Parlor
Elements: None
First Visit: Area One
Notes: This is where you'll always start your adventure when you die, turn your
game off, return to E. Gadd's lab, etc. No ghosts ever appear in here, even
during the blackout.

~Room 2: Parlor~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: Waiting Room
Elements: None
First Visit: Area One
Notes: The first "real" room that you'll visit has only a few gold ghosts, so it
should be easy.

~Room 3: Waiting Room~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: N/A
Elements: None
First Visit: Area One
Notes: This room has nothing; if you clear out all the ghosts, no chest will appear
so if you want to totally ignore this area, it won't come back to haunt you.

~Room 4: Closet~
Gallery Ghost: Mr. Grimmly
Speedy Spirits: 1
Golden Mice: 0
Key: West Wing
Elements: None
First Visit: Area One
Notes: When you first enter here during Area One, Mr. Grimmly won't be available.
He only comes during the blackout of Area Four.

~Room 5: 2nd Floor Balcony~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: 0
Elements: None
First Visit: Area One
Notes: The only thing here are a few plants that yield treasure when watered and a

~Room 6: West Wing~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: N/A
Elements: None
First Visit: Area One
Notes: The first hallway that you visit connects to only a few rooms, but is where
you finish off Area One. Also, every room that this hallway links to
contains one gallery ghost.

~Room 7: Study~
Gallery Ghost: Neville
Speedy Spirits: 1
Golden Mice: 1 (cheese)
Key: Master Bedroom
Elements: Fire
First Visit: Area One
Notes: This is where you capture your first gallery ghost and is where you find
your first Golden Mouse.

~Room 8: Master Bedroom~
Gallery Ghost: Lydia
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: Nursery
Elements: None
First Visit: Area One
Notes: The wife of Neville, Lydia, rests here. This room also contains the key to
the final room of Area One.

~Room 9: Nursery~
Gallery Ghost: Chauncey
Speedy Spirits: 1
Golden Mice: 0
Key: Main Hall 1F
Elements: None
First Visit: Area One
Notes: Your first boss, Chauncey, is found in this room. Once you beat him you get
a key to the first floor.

~Room 10: 2F Access~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: N/A
Elements: None
First Visit: Area Three
Notes: This room has a few Bats, and links to the Tea Room, but other than that it
just links you to the Main Hall 2F.

~Room 11: Tea Room~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 2 (cheese, random)
Key: N/A
Elements: Ice (Ice Element Medal earned)
First Visit: Area Three
Notes: This room holds two Golden Mice, as well as the final element, Ice. The
room's door is also guarded by flames that must be extinguished.

~Room 12: Main Hall 2F~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 1 (random)
Key: N/A
Elements: Fire
First Visit: Area Three
Notes: The Main Hall 2F links to six different rooms, which in turn lead to another
three rooms.

~Room 13: Washroom~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: N/A
Elements: Water
First Visit: Area Three
Notes: Aside from holding a Water Element, the Washroom's treasure chest contains a
bunch of coins, bills, and gold bars.

~Room 14: Bathroom~
Gallery Ghost: Miss Petunia
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: Billards Room
Elements: None
First Visit: Area Three
Notes: One of the smallest rooms of the mansion holds both a gallery ghost and a
key. The Bathroom is unlocked when you enter the floor.

~Room 15: Nana's Room~
Gallery Ghost: Nana
Speedy Spirits: 1
Golden Mice: 0
Key: Twins' Room
Elements: None
First Visit: Area Three
Notes: This room can be visited before visiting any other area in 2F if you wish
since the door is unlocked.

~Room 16: Twins' Room~
Gallery Ghost: Henry and Orville
Speedy Spirits: 1
Golden Mice: 0
Key: N/A
Elements: None
First Visit: Area Three
Notes: Although this room can be found in the West Wing, it will be long before you
are able to enter it.

~Room 17: Astral Hall~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: N/A
Elements: None
First Visit: Area Three
Notes: Although the Astral Hall yields no rewards, it must be completed in order to
continue on to the Observatory.

~Room 18: Observatory~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: N/A
Elements: None
First Visit: Area Three
Notes: The Observatory contains no key, but it does reveal the path to Mario's
Star, which should be the final of the five lost items that you find.

~Room 19: Sealed Room~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 1
Golden Mice: 1 (random)
Key: Sitting Room
Elements: None
First Visit: Area Four
Notes: The Sealed Room is found on 2F but can only be accessed through the Roof, by
falling down the chimney. It is the first of three rooms in a small side-
quest that results in lots of treasure and a gallery ghost.

~Room 20: Sitting Room~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: N/A
Elements: Fire, Water
First Visit: Area Four
Notes: Fire and Water and both required to clear the Sitting Room, and both can be
found in the room itself. There is no chest, but you are able to continue on
to the Guest Room after clearing this room.

~Room 21: Guest Room~
Gallery Ghost: Sue Pea
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: N/A
Elements: None
First Visit: Area Four
Notes: When you first enter the Guest Room, it'll be upside down and nothing will
be accessible. After defeating Sue Pea, exit and re-enter and the room will
be right-side up.

-Third Floor- SEARCH: 3FMAP
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| 4 |
| |
| |
| |
| |
|____ ____ ____________________________________________________|
| | | |
| | | |
_________________ | | _________________________ | |
| | | | | | | | ______________
| | | | | | | |_| |
| | | | | 7 | | | 10 |
| 9 | | | | | | |_ |
| | | 5 | | | | 3 | |______________|
|_________________| | | |_________________________| | | ______________
| | | | | | | | | 1 |
| |_| |_| | | |_|______________|
| 8 | | 6 | | | |
| _| |_ | | |_ |
| | | | | | | | | 2 |
|_________________| |____| |_________________________| |____| |______________|

~Room 1: 3F Access~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: N/A
Elements: None
First Visit: Area Three
Notes: Nothing special here, just the usual bats.

~Room 2: Safari Room~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 1 (cheese)
Key: Balcony
Elements: None
First Visit: Area Three
Notes: To get the ghosts to come up, you must rattle the heads on the wall. This
room contains the key to the third boss's location.

~Room 3: East Wing 3F~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: N/A
Elements: None
First Visit: Area Three
Notes: Since the third floor is so small, it doesn't have a main hall. Instead, the
balcony connects the two sections together and this hallway just makes up
the eastern side of the floor.

~Room 4: Balcony~
Gallery Ghost: Boolossus
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: West Wing 3F
Elements: Ice (during Boolossus battle only)
First Visit: Area Three
Notes: The Balcony is where you find Boolossus, which is the boss of Area Three.
Later, once you beat Boolossus, come back and water every plant to get loads
of treasure.

~Room 5: West Wing 3F~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: N/A
Elements: None
First Visit: Area Four
Notes: The West Wing of the third floor links to only two rooms, which in turn
link to another two. However, it also links to the roof by means of

~Room 6: Telephone Room~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: N/A
Elements: None
First Visit: Area Four
Notes: When you first enter, there will be no ghosts until you pick up the phones.
Later, once you restore power to the mansion, you'll be able to light up the

~Room 7: Clockwork Room~
Gallery Ghost: Clockwork Soldiers
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: N/A
Elements: None
First Visit: Area Four
Notes: Aside holding the Clockwork Soldiers, the Clockwork Room also holds the
elevator to the roof, where you will find the key to the Armory.

~Room 8: Armory~
Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: Pipe Room
Elements: None
First Visit: Area Four
Notes: Upon gaining the key from the Roof, you'll be able to access the Armory.
When looking for ghosts, make sure to check the suits of armor from behind
so their weapons don't fall on you.

~Room 9: Ceramics Studio~
Gallery Ghost: Jarvis
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: N/A
Elements: Ice
First Visit: Area Four
Notes: This room is optional, but it holds a gallery ghost and loads of treasure,
so I suggest visiting it.

~Room 10: The Artist's Studio~
Gallery Ghost: Vincent Can Gore
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: Secret Altar
Elements: None
First Visit: Area Four
Notes: The final "real" room that you'll visit also holds the final gallery ghost,
excluding King Boo. Once clearing this area, you'll gain access to the
mansion's final, final area.


| | | |
| |____| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |

Gallery Ghost: N/A
Speedy Spirits: 0
Golden Mice: 0
Key: Armory
Elements: Fire
First Visit: Area Four
Notes: The square on the map indicates the elevator used to reach the roof. Aside
from containing the key to the Armory, the Roof also holds the chimney (duh)
which gives you access to the Sealed Room.

| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
| |%%%%% Boos %%%%%| BOOS |
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |

I've listed the Boos in the guide, but I'll simply list them again in here. It's
not that big of a thing, namely where each one is found and what area they're in.
But first, I'll list a few tips to capturing Boos:

-Remember, if a Boo escapes a room, you can follow it into another room. If a Boo
escapes into a dark room, it'll be much more difficult to suck up the HP.

-A Boo will never escape into a different floor. It will always remain on the floor
it was originally on.

-The Boo in the Astral Hall is a tricky bastard. Do not let it escape through the
door on your left or it'll try to escape into the wall, making it impossible to
capture until you leave the mansion and re-enter.

-The vacuum in the Hidden Mansion won't help you capture Boos any faster. Not a
tip, but just a heads up.

So, small hints but they will help you if you remember them.

| Area One Area1B |

Name: BamBoo
30 HP
Location: Parlor
Quote: "I am BamBoo, if you please."

Name: Bootha
50 HP
Location: Waiting Room
Quote: "Looking for me? Bootha!"

Name: GameBoo Advance
30 HP
Location: Closet
Quote: "Wanna play GameBoo Advance?"

Name: TaBoo
50 HP
Location: Study
Quote: "Speak not my name: TaBoo!"

Name: Boolicious
30 HP
Location: Master Bedroom
Quote: "I am the yummy Boolicious!"

Name: Turboo
50 HP
Location: Nursery
Quote: "I am Turboo, and off I go!"

| Area Two Area2B |

Name: Boo La La
60 HP
Location: Ballroom
Quote: "Allo! I am Boo La La!"

Name: GameBoo
50 HP
Location: Storage Room
Quote: "Just call me GameBoo!"

Name: Kung Boo
40 HP
Location: Mirror Room
Quote: "Feel the wrath of Kung Boo!"

Name: Boogie
40 HP
Location: Laundry Room
Quote: "Yow! Get down! I'm Boogie!"

Name: PeekaBoo
40 HP
Location: Butler's Room
Quote: "You found me, PeekaBoo!"

Name: GumBoo
40 HP
Location: Hidden Room
Quote: "It is my own self, GumBoo!" or "I own myself, GumBoo!"

Name: Boomeo
40 HP
Location: Conservatory
Quote: "Wherefore am I Boomeo?"

Name: Boodacious
80 HP
Location: Dining Room
Quote: "Name's Boodacious! Got it?"

Name: Booligan
80 HP
Location: Kitchen
Quote: "Boy howdy, I'm Booligan!"

| Area Three Area3B |

Name: Booregard
100 HP
Location: Rec Room
Quote: "It is I, fair Booregard!"

Name: Mr. Boojangles
50 HP
Location: Tea Room
Quote: "Jingle, jangle, Mr. Boojangles!"

Name: Boohoo
50 HP
Location: Billiards Room
Quote: "Sniff…I'm…Boohoo!"

Name: ShamBoo
50 HP
Location: Projection Room
Quote: "Fresh, clean… ShamBoo!"

Name: LimBooger
100 HP
Location: Nana's Room
Quote: "Stinky, stinky, LimBooger!"

Name: Booris
100 HP
Location: The Twin's Room
Quote: "Call me Booris. Und be avraid!"

Name: Boonswoggle
100 HP
Location: Astral Hall
Quote: "I'm Boonswoggle! Plooah!"

Name: Booigi
40 HP
Location: Fortune-Teller's Room
Quote: "Hi, I'm Luigi! I mean, Booigi!"

Name: Little Boo Peep
100 HP
Location: Safari Room
Quote: "Little Boo Peep lost sheep!"

| Area Four Area4B |

Name: Boo B. Hatch
200 HP
Location: Breaker Room
Quote: "I'm Boo B. Hatch! I'm nuts!"

Name: Booripedes
100 HP
Location: Cellar
Quote: "It is I, fair Booripedes"

Name: Boomerang
300 HP
Location: Telephone Room
Quote: "Boomerang coming back at ya!"

Name: Boocaster
300 HP
Location: Clockwork Room
Quote: "Time for the six o' clock Boos!"

Name: Boolivia
100 HP
Location: Sitting Room
Quote: "I am Boolivia! I hate you!"

Name: Boonita
100 HP
Location: Guest Room
Quote: "I'm the lovely Boonita!"

Name: UnderBoo
150 HP
Location: Armory
Quote: "UnderBoo's makin' a comeback!"

Name: TamBoorine
200 HP
Location: Ceramics Studio
Quote: "Who's shaking TamBoorine?"

Name: Booffant
300 HP
Location: Pipe Room
Quote: "I'm Booffant: nice hair, green."

Name: Boolderdash
150 HP
Location: Cold Storage
Quote: "Catch me? Boolderdash!"

Name: Bootique
300 HP
Location: The Artist's Studio
Quote: "Bootique, c'est chic!"

| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
| |%%%%% Legal Info %%%%%| LIFO |
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |

Please don't copy this, for that is called plagisirm.
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
| |%%%%% Contact %%%%%| CIFO |
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |

contact me @ .
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
| |%%%%% Credits/Closing %%%%%| CRCL |
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
You: For reading this.


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