Red Coins FAQ
Yes, I know all of you hate the Red Coins,

-1- Bob-Omb Battlefield
-2- Whomp’s Fortress
-3- Jolly Roger Bay
-4- Cool, Cool Mountain
-5- Big Boo’s Haunt
-6- Hazy Maze Cave
-7- Lethal Lava Land
-8- Shifting Sand Land
-9- Dire, Dire Docks
-10- Snowman’s Land
-11- Wet-Dry World
-12- Tall, Tall Mountain
-13- Tiny-Huge Island
-14- Tick-Tock Clock
-15- Rainbow Ride


-1S- Goomboss Battle
-2S- Big Boo Battle
-3S- Chief Chilly Challenge
-4S- ? Switch
-5S- The Secret Aquarium
-6S- The Secret Under the Moat
-7S- Behind the Waterfall
-8S- Over the Rainbow


-1B- Bowser in the Dark World
-2B- Bowser in the Fire Sea
-3B- Bowser in the Sky


-1O- Boos in the Castle Courtyard
-2O- If I Don’t Get Them

Now, onto the FAQ, shall we?
-1- Bob-Omb Battlefield

This level’s coins are pretty spread out, but never fear, AMY
ROSE–err, I’M HERE! There’s no character absolutely needed
for this mission. I like Luigi for this because he makes Red
Coin 6 pretty easy. But following that path is confusing….

RED COIN 1: If you’re Luigi, skip down to Red Coin 6. Otherwise,
run up the bridge past those stupid Goombas. After making a left
on the dirt path, you’ll see some moving platforms with a Red
Coin at its peak. Grab the coin!

RED COIN 2: From Red Coin 1, run past the big sign to a rock with
a Red Coin on top.

RED COIN 3: Slide down the rock and head back to where the first
coin was. You’ll notice a Chain Chomp. On the stake keeping him
chained, there’s a coin. Watch out for him though; he’s pretty

So I said I’d give you extra stars, that didn’t require Red Coins,
right? Ground Pound the stake Red Coin 3 is on to free the Chain
Chomp. If you’re still in the middle of collecting
coins, this will make them all go away, like all other Red Coin
missions in the actual levels, and send you out of the painting.
In some Secret Levels and the Bowser Levels, you can still get
the other stars I may list.

RED COIN 4: After escaping/freeing the Chomp, run onto what looks
like a bridge. IT ISN’T! *Insert scary music here* It’s a big
tilty planky thing. Go right from there to a small “yard” with a
bunch of stakes and two Goombas. Here’s your coin You’ll also see…

RED COIN 5: Right next to Red Coin 4. Also, that shadowy star?
That’s where our Red Coin Star will pop up. Remember that.

RED COIN 6: If you’re Luigi, grab the Power Flower near the
bridge at the beginning and head left. Go through the gate
and there’s the coin. Pretty useless, but it’s easier to find this
way and orient yourself with where it is.

If you’re following normally, go to the gate near the mountain and
go down the sneaky hole to the left. The coin inside the gate is
there. Head up.

RED COIN 7: Enter past the gate. Run up the hill (And I mean run)
and you’ll getthe coin easy. Keep running to the top.

RED COIN 8: Continue from there to the right up the path. Jump some
gaps and you’ll see a cannon shooting bombs. Walk across a plank to
a cannon hole to jump in. Shoot to the island, climb the tree,
BOOM. The star’s yours, right by Red Coins 4 & 5.

-2- Whomp’s Fortress

No character needed at all here, though punching will be helpful
to get past piranhas. There’s a sneaky shortcut near the beginning
to really save time, but we end up kind of doing this backwards.

RED COIN 1: See that tree, by the Bob-omb Buddy, with the coin at
the top? It isn’t a red coin, but climb it. An owl will come out.
Do as he says and grab on him for a ride. Turn right and you’ll
notice a bunch of rotating green platforms. Let go when to reach
the second one down for a Red Coin. The topmost one has a star,
but we don’t need it right now.

RED COIN 2: Three platforms down from Red Coin 1.

RED COIN 3: If you keep following this path, you’ll be near the
conveyor belt to the top of the fortress. Run past the two Whomps
and you’ll be at the rotating plank. Go on it when it comes to
you and wait for it to rotate to the Red Coin.

RED COIN 4: Punch out the piranha and walk across the thin ledge
for the next Red Coin.

RED COIN 5: Punch the next piranha and snag the coin.

RED COIN 6: See this first Thwomp here? Jump on his head after
he comes down and you can reach the 6th Red Coin.

RED COIN 7: Pass down to some platforms that are sliding in and out.
Go across them quickly and to some blocks that are sliding out to
push you. Jump on the middle block here for a 7th Red Coin.

RED COIN 8: We’re back at the beginning. If you want to save some
time, jump on the owl again. Fly left in a sort of diagonal way,
past the arrow platform near Red Coin 2’s location. When you
notice two small flower patches, drop down, dodge the piranhas
and snag Red Coin 8. Now go ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE BEGINNING for
our Star. To get there, run backwards from the coin and
just follow the path back to the beginning.

-3- Jolly Roger Bay

No problem here. Just make sure you’ve at least beaten the first
mission, because you can’t get the coins until then. Why? After
Mission 1, the pirate ship emerges from the water, and some coins
will pop up there.

RED COIN 1: There’s a set of platforms to the right of your
starting position (Out in the water). Swim out to them. Near the
first platform is a giant rock sticking out. Climb it for good
old Coin #1.

RED COIN 2: Let’s dive in the water, shall we? There’s a ring of
coins, and to the left of it is a shell. This one has a coin. The
right-hand one doesn’t.

RED COIN 3: Swim near the ledge to the Eel’s hole. The shell over
there has a Red Coin.

RED COIN 4: Now dive to the big hole where the eel swims around in.
Right in front of the ledge once you dive down is a shell with a
coin. You may emerge now.

RED COIN 5: Go back to the platform near Red Coin 1’s pole. Dive
to the left of the wooden barge for a shell with a Red Coin. Get
back on the barge now.

RED COIN 6: Jump up and hit the big red switch. It’ll make boxes
appear that serve as platforms. Use them to cross the planks. Hop
off to the ship. Wait for the front to tilt close enough to the
coin, then jump to grab it.

RED COIN 7: Run to the back of the ship now. Jump for one of the
two adjacent coins.

RED COIN 8: Right next to number 7.

-4- Cool, Cool Mountain

Yoshi is required for this mission. You’ll see why.

RED COIN 1: Go on top of the chimney (Not down it) and jump up.
Go left to the fireplace. Grab it with your tongue and jump up again,
then flame down the big ice cube for our coin.

RED COIN 2: Go right from here and down the bridge. The slope will
take you to more cubes. Flame the bottom one for our coin.

RED COIN 3: Slide down to where Mr. Snowman is. Jump down a ledge
below him. Run to the right (Not off the cliff) until you see the
suspension for the lift. Slowly jump to the suspension’s ledge for
the coin.

RED COIN 4: Return to the Snowman. Cross the bridge with the bouncing
snowmen guys. Continue it until you get to a ledge you can jump.
Follow that up to a broken bridge. On our side is the coin. Now jump
across the bridge.

RED COIN 5: Over here’s where the star shows up. Yippee skippee. Now,
pass the ledge here and jump to the slide that’ll take you back to the
stupid snowman guy. In a nearby corner after dismounting the slope,
there’s a Bob-omb Buddy. Next to him is a coin. YAY!

RED COIN 6: Cross the bridge with the snowmen. Taking it all the way down
this time. Jump off the side after the bridge ends to land on top of the
lodge. Run to the left of the lodge, and climb a tree for the coin. An owl
pops out, soyou can have him take you back up the hill if needed.

RED COIN 7: Run to the right of the lodge now. There’s a bridge next to the
lodge leading to a floating ice island with a coin on it.

RED COIN 8: Leave the bridge then go down the snowy path. There’s a red coin
brilliantly concealed in a corner to the left. Now use that owl from before to
get to the star.

-5- Big Boo’s Haunt

This isn’t too difficult, but this mission requires you to be creeped out by the
evil piano that kept me from doing this section for a while. Go as Mario.

RED COIN 1: Alright, alright, let’s get this over with…*Gulp* Enter the mansion
and go through the first door on the right. Take the coin near the piano AND RUN
LIKE HELL into a door on the piano’s left.

RED COIN 2: In this room, chairs will fly, Poltergeist-style. Creepy. BUT NOT AS
CREEPY AS THAT PIANO! Go to the back of the room and jump on top of the bookcase
for a coin.

RED COIN 3: It’s on the other bookcase.

RED COIN 4: Get out of the room now and into the mansion lobby. Go to the door on
the right of the stairs. Cross the collapsing platform and pass the Boo into a
door. Sidle across the small ledge to a bigger area with a coin and a Boo.

RED COIN 5: Cross to the other side and exit into the lobby again. There’s
nothingleft on the first floor, so climb the stairs. Enter the door on the
left closest to you when you climb the stairs. Walk straight across the
catwalk up here andjump to another ledge for the coin. Jump back and exit
through the door.

RED COIN 6: Go to the door to the right, closest to the door you just exited.
Beat the eyeball by running around him, then enter a creepy room with some
coffins. Run to the first one on the right and it’ll lift itself up,
revealing a coin under it. Quickly get the coin before it crashes down.

RED COIN 7: Go through the door farthest to the right, as if you were going
to Big Boo’s Battle. Run around the bookcase, and you’ll see the coin.
Watch out for the floor here though, it may swing around and land you
somewhere else. Get the coin and go through the door here.

RED COIN 8: Why did we need Mario? Here’s your answer. We need him here
so we can float out to the coin in the lobby using the Power Flower we
obtain here. And the Star is on the other side of the second floor.

-6- Hazy Maze Cave

This is the last section I did and probably will do, unless someone
requests the need for one and/or I find the reason to do so. Anywho, umm,
yeah, this is Hazy Maze Cave. let’s get this over with quick, shall we?
Oh, and no Yoshi; we have to punch boxes.

RED COIN 1: Head right and cross the chasm to a door, and slide down a
pole. Head right from here to some stairs and a Bob-Omb Buddy. Use the
platform to go forward and cross, and then climb up the purple pole.
There’s a cage surrounding the door we just came in through, but if
you need to go back for any reason, jump off the pole to get there.
For the coins, however, go to the platform on the other side.
Take the checkered lift out a bit, and it’ll come to a box. Break
the box and you’ll collect the coin as you go along.

RED COIN 2: Keep on the platform and it’ll take you right to the coin.

RED COIN 3: Eventually it’ll lead you to a floating platform that the
lift can go under, but you will have to jump on over, a classic gimmick
in games. The coin’s on top of the platform.

RED COIN 4: Continuing on the lift, it’ll come next to another floating
ledge where you can grab this coin.

RED COIN 5: This is on the same ledge as Coin 4.

RED COIN 6: Now the platform is right back at the beginning again.
Let’s hop off now. Go to the elevator we used to get to the purple
pole. Press it to go right, until we come to a giant rock in the
way. Facing the rock, move the platform right again until it can
fit in-between the rock and the wall. When you get to the grassy
ledge, move left. Steer the platform to a floating box if you need
some coins, but to get the red coin, go out to the ledge in the
corner for the coin.

RED COIN 7: Move it left from here. Eventually you’ll come to
another rocky wall in the center. Facing the said wall, there’s an
eyeball monster thing on the left. Go to it. Steer the platform
under the pipe and jump the pipe as the platform moves. Behind him
is a box. Break it and there’s the coin.

RED COIN 8: Now to the right of the eyeball platform is another box
with the last coin! Now jump off suicidally and you’ll be next
to the star!

-7- Lethal Lava Land

Not too hard. You can take anyone for this.

RED COIN 1: From the beginning jump the gap in front of you to the
other brick walkway, then go left to the place with the small Bully.
From him, go left across a draw bridge. Pass the eyeball, jump on
the tilting roof and follow it right to the first red coin in front
of you, on a bunch of sliding puzzle pieces.

RED COIN 2: The next coin is to the right. Hopefully all the puzzle
pieces are in an order where you don’t have to jump a gap to it.

RED COIN 3: The next one is in the lower-right corner of the puzzle.
Just keep going on past Red Coin 2, no prob.

RED COIN 4: Run forward up to the next one. You may start
experiencing the puzzle’s evilness now, so hold on and hope
it doesn’t slide away and leave you in the lava.

RED COIN 5: It’s diagonally across from number 4. In between
the two is the shadow star, so remember where it is.

RED COIN 6: To the left of number 5, all the way in the
top-left corner.

RED COIN 7: Move down from number 6 to this. This one makes a ton of
coins appear once you get it, and everything stops sliding,
it seems. O_o

RED COIN 8: To the left of Red Coin 7. Yay, now just go back to the
corner for the star.

-8- Shifting Sand Land

I hate this level. Not just the coins, I mean, on a whole. Mario is
needed for his wingness, so grab a cap ASAP.

RED COIN 1: From the beginning, go allllllllllllll the way out to the
left. It’s on a thin, sandy ledge.

RED COIN 2: Go back and head right from the starting point now. Grab a
cap from the Goomba under this pavillion here if needed, then break the
box near him (On the the side opposite of the small quicksand pit near
the beginning). The coin is in there.

RED COIN 3: Jump on top of the pavillion now. There’s a Wing Box here
for Mario. Fly towards the big gate, near the giant quicksand pit.
There’s a coin in-between the gate and a pillar.

RED COIN 4: Fly around to the back of the pyramid, next to the
entrance into it. There’s a coin there too, near the pillar.
You may wanna renew your wings by now, too, by the way.

RED COIN 5: It’s in another corner of the pyramid, near a small oasis.

RED COIN 6: The final corner of the pyramid has our coin.

RED COIN 7: Land now. Remember the oasis? There’s a coin there.

RED COIN 8: From the oasis, enter the Tox Box Maze. Crap, this looks bad.
Hang left until you can go forwards, and hopefully avoid the Tox Box if
it’s there. Go right, then up, then left, then up, and you should see the
coin by now. Go right, then up, then left, and right to the coin. Now
return to the pavillion. Tada.

-9- Dire, Dire Docks

This one’s annoying. Once you’ve beaten the first two missions you can
(Or rather, have to, since it’s Mission 3) tackle this. Bowser’s sub
obstructs the coins, but disappears after the first two, I think.
Go to where it used to be and there’s now a ton of poles everywhere.
You need to use these for our Red Coins. Anyone can do this, I believe.
Mario’s balloon ability really helps though, for the record.

RED COIN 1: After returning to where Bowser’s sub was, surface
immediately after entering the docks and swim to the right to a platform.
Continue right until we see a big red switch. Hit it and two sets of
stairs (Made of boxes) will materialize. There’s one in front of you, but
head back a little bit for the set we want. Climb these and grab our
first coin.

RED COIN 2: There’s a pole in front of us, but we’ll get it later. Grab
the one on the left when it comes to you, grab it and climb to the top
immediately and the pole will take you to the coin.

RED COIN 3: Slide down a bit for the next one.

RED COIN 4: There’s a platform at the end. Slide down to it for the
next coin when the pole reaches the end of the line. Climb back up on
the pole and take it back to where Red Coin 1 was (As if there’s
anywhere else to go).

RED COIN 5: Take the other pole on this platform (The one we didn’t
take, duh) and it’ll bring us to another floating platform.There’s
another pole in front of us, but we’ll (once again) get to that later.
Notice the shadowy star. That obviously tells us the star is going to
pop up here. Anyway, take the left-hand pole to a platform with a blue
coin switch. Another pole comes to thisplatform, to the left of the
switch. Take it to a caged-in platform with a red coin. Take the two
poles back now.

RED COIN 6: There’s a pole on the left once we come back, we saw it
before. Have your character face the pole, then jump on it and turn him
so he’s on the pole’s left side. This’ll prime us to jump to another
pole which will take us to ANOTHER PLATFORM, but don’t jump off for it
just yet. Take the pole to the end of the line, then slide down a bit
for the next coin. NOW go to the platform we passed.

RED COIN 7: After jumping down, there’s a small caged-in area with a
pole running through it. Go in here, and wait for the pole to pass to the
right before jumping, so we can get both of these coins in one fell swoop.
Slide down a bit for the next coin, then stay there. (Coin 8 is on about
the same level as Coin 7.)

RED COIN 8: Just keep on the pole and we snag our coin. Now return to the
second platform for the star. Yippee.

-10- Snowman’s Land

We don’t need anyone, but I recomend Luigi for easyness. Do you know where
the igloo is? If not, go to the tree next to the Goomba pen near where
you start. Standing under it WARPS YOU SOMEHWHERE ELSE! *Dun dun dun* This
is where Luigi comes in handy: Jump to the T-shaped island thing. Go to
the far end and do a backwards somersault to a ledge with a shell. Hop on
the shell and go into the water. Go around the island. Now you see the
coins going up that little trail? Follow them and crawl into the igloo
over the fence.

RED COIN 1: Gee, they sure spread these REAAAAALLY far apart. Jump to an
island with a flower head thingy in front of it on the left near the start,
then backwards somersault for the first coin.

RED COIN 2: Now jump to an ice block on the right. Make a tight jump forward
for the next coin in the air.

RED COIN 3: Navigate to the end of this platform to the next coin, in the
back of the room.

RED COIN 4: Run back a bit from coin 3 to the corner. Dive under the water
quick for the coin. Note that the water will hurt you if you’re in too long,
so be quick about it. It puts on the pain pretty quick.

RED COIN 5: Run right from the aformentioned corner. With Luigi facing the
wall, you’ll notice the shadowy star on the right. The coin is in-between the
star’s platform and another one with a decent cache of coins. Go to the star’s
platform, then jump. Luigi’s backwards somersault should do it.

RED COIN 6: After landing on the L-shaped platform, you’ll see the coin near
the corner of the room. Backwards somersault, then hot-tail it out of the
freezing water.

RED COIN 7: Jump back to Red Coin 3’s jagged, icy block, then across to a
small, L-shaped island with a ! block on it. Jump across to another island.
Backwards somersault again to snag to coin in the middle.

RED COIN 8: Jump back from here to another, taller L-shaped island with an
? block. Dive quickly into the watery gap in-between the island and the wall
for the final coin.

-11- Wet-Dry World

Well, we need to get to the flooded town in the bottom. Usually if you’re
going down there you’d want Luigi, but let’s go in as Mario. Yes, Mario.
Get a Power Flower and float OVER the gate to the bottom instead of going
through it as Luigi to get to the lower floor. Mario’s balloon ability is
invaluable in this level. I’m sure it’s possible without him, but I perfer

RED COIN 1: After falling down and exiting the pipe to “downtown”, GO FOR
AIR. Once you do that, look for a switch to drain the water at the bottom.
It’s right under the pipe, to be exact. Go right from the pipe once
everything’s drained. A box will appear for you to climb up to the house.
Break the box on the house for our Red Coin. Now jump off.

RED COIN 2: Ok, that was easy, now let’s get a few harder coins. In front
of the house is a plaza, and there are some boxes placed on the thin wall
surrounding it. Do a backwards somersault up to the left wall. Break the
box for a coin.

RED COIN 3: The other box on the right now.

RED COIN 4: Jump off the wall and go straight to a ledge. Jump to the
ledge and break the box for the Coin #4.

RED COIN 5: There’s a sort of “steeple” behind the box. Jump onto it
for Coin 5.

RED COIN 6: Climb to pole on the steeple’s top if you want to flood the
place again for any reason at all, but if you‘re doing it to try to get
to the surface, be warned that you can‘t get out once you‘re in. Just
jump down to the right of the steeple for a Power Flower. Float to the
house on the right and break the box.

RED COIN 7: Make a running jump to the house to the right of the one
you’re on and break the box there.

RED COIN 8: There’s just one more box left to break, and it’s a long
shot. Ready? Grab the Power Flower and float all the way to the white
house on the left. Break the box. Tada! Return to the steeple for the

-12- Tall, Tall Mountain

This is actually pretty easy. Any character can be used for this, so
don’t sweat it.

RED COIN 1: Run up the path past the Goombas, and jump over the gap
past the Bob-Omb Buddy. Now jump another gap, and jump to the
mushroom here for an easy coin.

RED COIN 2: There’s the obvious path here to just go forward two
mushrooms to the coin. Whee, how easy.

RED COIN 3: Make a running jump to the adjacent shroom with a coin.

RED COIN 4: Jump to the big mushroom with another coin…

RED COIN 5: After that, get back on the path and past the black boxes.
Avoid the gopher holes and make a sharp right to a wooden block. Use it
as a stepping stool to jump to a higher platform, where you can jump
to another coin on the right.

RED COIN 6: From Coin 5, head back down to the second block, then do a
backwards somersault to a ledge with Coin 6.

RED COIN 7: Jump up to the right from here and continue down that way.
You can jump to another ledge with our next coin.

RED COIN 8: Do a backward somersault to the right. You can notice the
final coin on a ledge aboveour head here, but how to get it? Simple,
just do another backwards somersault. Nab the coin and descend the
rocky wall to the gopher area, then jump to the shroom with our star!

-13- Tiny-Huge Island

Oh boy, this one’s fun…Go through the left-hand painting in the
Tiny-Huge Island enterance room to be big, meaning everything else is
small and you’re “huge” in comparison. Long jump to the island on the
left of the start point to a tree. Climb it and jump on the ledge to
the right. If you haven’t gotten Bob-omb Buddy to open the cannon,
now’s the time time to do so, so go to where Koopa the Quick was and
jump off into some water. Swim forward to go see Bob-Omb Buddy and
open the cannon, then jump up the ledge behind him with the ant-sized
Goomba. Jump up another ledge and you’ll be straight across from where
we dropped off. Use the rocky…ledge…thingy…to go out farther and
you can backwards somersault to the edge. Now go down the pipe to be

RED COIN 1: After becoming Tiny Tim, well, Mario, or Luigi, or Yoshi,
or Wario. You get the idea. I’m making a pun, there isn’t a secret
character behind the white door named Tim. …Or is there? Anywho,
you’re tiny now. Go to where the Bob-omb Buddy was and take the cannon.
Watch out for the gigantic Cheep-Cheep when you’re swimming that way.
He can kill you in one fell swoop like the fink-rat you are. Anyways,
get into the cannon, and aim high, specifically, remember the platform
we had to get to to get back to the Koopa the Quick area and into the
pipe? That’s wherewe’re headed. Cross the rocky…ledge…thingy…again,
this time all the way across it and into a cave. The coin is right next to
Bob-Omb Buddy as you enter.

RED COIN 2: Jump to a platform to the right of the enterance, and lookie
there, the coin!

RED COIN 3: It’s on a platform right in front of number 2.

RED COIN 4: On another platform in front of number 3…

RED COIN 5: This one’s still right in front of Red Coin 4, but it’s lower

RED COIN 6: Jump up from here to a longer ledge with a Red Coin near the

RED COIN 7: Jump up higher to the next coin.

RED COIN 8: There’s a wire net above you, if you haven’t noticed. Use it
here to get the final coin, perched atop a rocky platform. Simple enough.
Drop down into a small crevase for the star.

-14- Tick Tock Clock

Pfft. Easy. You don’t need anyone special for this pathetic set of Red
Coins. Freeze time by jumping in at 12. Just turn around from the start and
you’ll see some knobs.

RED COIN 1: Backwards somersault to it from the ground. It’s on the knob
closest to the ground.

RED COIN 2: In the air, to the left of coin 1. Jump for it and onto
another knob.

RED COIN 3: On the knob to the right from here.

RED COIN 4: From here, just jump left to another knob and get it. It’s in
plain sight and easy.

RED COIN 5: After 4, you’ll land on a knob that’s exactly level with another
knob. Jump in-between and there’s the coin.

RED COIN 6: Keep going until the second knobs edge for the next Red Coin.

RED COIN 7: From coin 6, cross back to the other knob and jump right.
There’s our coin.

RED COIN 8: Jump left to the final knob for the final coin. How appropriate.
Now go back down to the bottom for our Star.

-15- Rainbow Ride

GASP!!! Can “easy level” and “Rainbow Ride” be said in the same sentence?
They can now. Anyone’s good for this mission, but Mario‘s wall jump helps a
lot.. Take the carpet to the spinny thingies and go straight ahead from there.
Well, not literally. You’d probably fall and die. You know what I mean.

RED COIN 1: Crossing the sliding plank after that, and you’ll be right in the
maze. Go ahead until you see the coin across the gap, and the shadowy star at
the bottom. (That’s where our reward shows up, so remember.) Go down to it and
do a backwards somersault (Hold R then A) and you’ll reach the first coin.

RED COIN 2: Go back to the other ledge from the shadowy star where we came from.
Jump to the ledge on the right, then to the platform on the left. The coin’s at
the end, there.

REC COIN 3: Wall jump in a gap near Red Coin 2 for this. It’s in plain sight.

RED COIN 4: After getting up here, pass under a coin o a ledge to an easier one.
Backwards somersault to this.

RED COIN 5: Jump left to the next coin.

RED COIN 6: Do a quick double jump from number 5 to here.

RED COIN 7: From where number 4 was, jump up a ledge and you’ll see coin 7.
Jump for it. If missed, backwards somersault on a ledge to the right.

RED COIN 8: On said ledge, it’s to the right on a smaller ledge. It’s in plain
sight. Now go back to the Shadowy star.

After this, you have no more levels to achieve coin-ness on! But there’s still
the Secret Levels for some Castle Stars…

——-Secret Level Coins——-

-1S- Goomboss Battle

You can only go in as Wario to get this set. You’ll be waiting a loooooong time
for this. The use of other caps is invaluable here. If you need to know where
this is, get 8 Stars and go past the Mini-Game room to the princess’ room.
Jump in the gigantic Mario painting.

RED COIN 1: Go down the slide and proceed to the path on the left. Jump on the
logs, watching out for when they submerge into poison, and you’ll notice a
sliding platform to the left. Jump when it’s near you and take it over to another
platform, which leads you to a Wario Brick. Punch it for our first Red Coin.

RED COIN 2: Take the platforms back to the “mainland”. Go forward, punch the
Goomba and go right to a wire platform. Jump and hold B to hang on, then keep
going down the path for a Red Coin. Take the wire platform to the other side.

RED COIN 3: Kill the piranha and jump to the platform in front of you. Go
straight ahead, then jump up to the log with a pole in it. Go right and the
coin is on the floating platform in the center.

RED COIN 4: Kill the Goomba with the Mario hat and grab it. From Coin 3 You’ll
notice similar floating platforms in front of you. Cross them carefully. Grab
the Power Flower and float to the right. There’s a big tree. Get to the top,
nab to coin, then make a long fall to the bottom.

RED COIN 5: After falling in front of the tree, grab the Goomba’s Luigi cap
and make it back to the Power Flower to go invisible. Quickly return to
where you got your Luigi cap, and backwards somersault into the cage inside
the tree. Since you’re invisible, you can pass through the cage for our next

RED COIN 6: If you will, please return to where you got the Mario cap. From
the platform in the center, go left and jump over the fog to a platform. Go to
the piranha and kill it. Notice the shadowy star on the large log behind it.
The star will show up here when we get our coins, as per usual. But right now,
pass up to the other logs that are moving up and down. Go all the way to
the last one, kill the piranha and snag the coin. Go back to the log with
the star now.

RED COIN 7: Jump to the platform on the right of the star. There’s another
moving log nearby with our next Red Coin at the top. Go forward on the thin,
checkered path and right up to our log. If you’re Wario, you’ll have to make a
double-jump for it.

RED COIN 8: Get off the log and go forward. You may notice a tree with a vine
going up. I bet you see where I’m going with this. Climb the vine (watching out
for the dang Lakitu) and get to the top. There’s a small ledge sticking out with
a coin on it. Get it and go back to the Star.

-2S- Big Boo Battle

To get to this cleverly hidden bonus stage, take Mario to the second floor of
Big Boo’s Haunt. Go to the rightmost door (The one in a little corner of its own)
and go through. Grab the Power Flower, and head up to a door at the ceiling.
You can get up there with the others by triple jumping, but we need Mario, and
this is the easiest way anyways. Go through the door, and jump in the Luigi
painting. A Big Boo with a horribly evil laugh and not to mention a crown
(Making me think he’s King Boo himself, and actually, Nintendo Power even called
him King Boo) is waiting inside, but first we must get collect the coinage.
You need Wario unlocked for at least his cap.He can just barely triple jump to
the door to the attic. Once again there’s going to be a good amount of hat
switching, Wario or not. This section was written as if you were playing as Mario
though, so just remember to switch caps when Mario’s abilites are mentioned
(If you’re someone else).

RED COIN 1: UGH, that laugh! THAT CRUEL, TORMENTING LAUGH! …Anyways. Umm. The
coin’s right in front of you in a door’s alcove. DON’T GO IN THAT DOOR though.
The one we want is to the right of the starting point. If you have surround sound
on, we can easily find the correct door by listening to the evil laugh.

RED COIN 2: Next we must cross a collapsing bridge. RUN ACROSS, DUMMY. The Red
Coin is to the left of the bridge.

RED COIN 3: From the right of #2 is a bridge. Cross it for the coin, then turn
the camera around so the bridge rematerializes. Cross the bridge and go to the
bridge we’re now facing.

RED COIN 4: Jump over to the wooden platform and grab the box for a Power Flower.
Quickly, though, the floor underneath the box is unstable. Using our balloon-y
powers, we must float to the top-right corner of the room for the coin. Now quickly
float back to the wooden platform, and avoid the spinning block in the center.

RED COIN 5: This one is simple, but I left it around as a marker. Go to the
right-most ledge for the coin, and go through the door behind it.

RED COIN 6: This room is easy. Take the platform in front of you, and it’ll slide
right to our next coin. Now go to the ledge it takes you to, but not through the

RED COIN 7: Take the next sliding block to another ledge. Grab the Wario cap here,
then take the third sliding block to our coin, and go through the door on this

RED COIN 8: Use our new WARIO POWER to break a block on the right for our final
coin. The star surfaces on the right of this ledge.

-3S- Chief Chilly Challenge

I haven’t gotten the coins yet here, but I CAN tell you how to get there. Go to
the Snowman’s Land room on floor 2 of the castle as Luigi, grab a Power Flower
on the pedestal, and go through the mirror. If you go through the door in the
back, you get a Star, but that’s not what we want. Go to the Wario painting on
the right side of the Mirror room.

RED COIN 1: Slide down the slide. Easy enough. You’ll be saved by and updraft.
Ignore the bullies here and go left. Maneuver across the grey ledges and after
crossing them, there’s a small lift running on the right here that will take you
to your coin.

RED COIN 2: Head right and jump off the cliff, yes, jump off. The wind god
rewards your suicidal thinking and saves you with an updraft that will lead us
to our coin!

RED COIN 3: You’ll land in freezing water. You’ll get hurt if you stay in too
long, so quickly nab the coin in the pond. Too bad we can’t use Luigi’s
Jesus-like powers to run out across the water and nab the coin…

RED COIN 4: Across from the pond is a giant pen full of bullies. Quickly get the
coin and escape to the other side before all heck breaks lose.

RED COIN 5: Oh great. Just when we escape the Bully pen, we have a moving block
puzzle to finish. And add to it, THEY’RE ICY AND EASY TO SLIDE OFF OF. Joy.
Quickly get to the second platform and snag this coin, lying in the center of
its path.

RED COIN 6: If you can, get to the block in front of Coin 5’s, which moves up
and down. From here get to the next block and get the coin in the center.

RED COIN 7: Cross the final block to get to solid ground, FINALLY! There’s a
jail cell here with this coin, so get a Power Flower and go through with
Luigi’s ultra invisible powers to snag it. After navigating some less-lethal
blocks you can get to an ? Box at the second-to-last ledge, so from there just
jump off to the gate.

RED COIN 8: Grab the Mario cap on the lowest level, climb to the Power Flower
again and grab it. Now that we’re Mario, we can float like an eagle to the
frozen lake in the distance for our coin. Now return to where you got Mario’s
cap (Float back, of course) and we’ll grab the star!

-4S- ? Switch

Get 15 stars and go to the lobby of the castle as Mario. Stand in the sun icon
and look up at the sun shining in.

Now, you’ll land on a platform. Unless you’re not Mario, then you PLUMMET TO
YOUR DOOOOOOM! If you haven’t hit the switch to activate the Red ? Boxes, do
that, then exit and come back. You’ll automatically have a Wing Cap on. I
used to think this was hard. Ha ha ha. It’s pathetic. Go right and we can
start. (I always used to go left to try and beat this. I was frustrated to
death until I figured to go right instead. XD)

RED COIN 1: Go down a bit to the right, and you’ll eventually notice a coin
path leading to a giant coin ring where your first Red coin is inside.
(That’s a lot of coins.)

RED COIN 2: Inside the same ring.

RED COIN 3: Keep following the path afterwards, going downwards. Your next
two coins are in the next ring.

RED COIN 4: See above.

RED COIN 5: Just keep following to the next ring.

RED COIN 6: Well, yeah, same coin ring.

RED COIN 7: Keep following the path onto the final coin ring.

RED COIN 8: Yup, same as Coin 7. That was easy, huh? Just land on
the tower thingy in the center for your star.

-5S- The Secret Aquarium

In the Jolly Roger Bay room, you may notice holes in the walls.
Back-flip to the one on the right for a secret level! It’s similar
to the ? Switch level in the fact that you’re constantly turning
right into rings of coins except you’re swimming and a few aren’t
in rings this time, but it‘s still pretty straightforward.

RED COIN 1: Turn right and swim towards a ring of coins, with a Red
Coin in the center.

RED COIN 2: Swim right again to another ring and another red coin.

RED COIN 3: Keep turning in the same direction to another ring.

RED COIN 4: In another ring. *Sings* Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

RED COIN 5: Now swim to the bottom immediately after exiting Red Coin 4‘s ring.
The next one’s in the bottom corner near a pillar.

RED COIN 6: Turn right to another pillar with another coin.

RED COIN 7: Gee, this is getting repetitive…I’m sure you can guess this
one’s location. Just turn right to a pillar. You know the drill.

RED COIN 8: It’s in front of the final pillar. Tada, here’s our star, in
the center of the aquarium.

-6S- The Secret Under The Moat

Drain the moat, then go to the end near the waterfall as Wario. Punch the
black brick open and jump into this somewhat annoying stage that this FAQ
unfortunately must force me into doing again…

RED COIN 1: Pay attention to your map. You’ll notice some little ledges
on the ground down the slide in front of you, so slide down so that you
go down to the left-most ledge. Our first coin’s there.

RED COIN 2: Jump down to the middle ledge for the next coin.

RED COIN 3: Jump to the right-most ledge for a block. Yippee. Aim the
camera so you can see the other platforms. Aim your slide to the middle
platform in the bottom row.

RED COIN 4: Jump to the right from here onto another platform with
another coin.

RED COIN 5: Slide all the way to the bottom, then head around the corner
to the right. Run up those evil planks of death (Making sure you’re high
enough to reach the platform) and grab the Mario cap, if not for jumping
convenience. Head on the elevator chain to the right when one’s close
enough to you. Jump off to the next big evil plank. The coin is close to
where you’ll end up landing.

RED COIN 6: The next coin is at the other end of the plank, grab it,
make sure the plank is high enough to reach the next elevator chain
and jump on one.

RED COIN 7: When the platform you’re on is high enough so you can jump
to an elevator on its way down, jump on the elevator and when it’s far
down enough, you can reach another elevator set. Take this one high
enough to reach a higher set of elevators. On your jump to this set,
you can grab the coin.

RED COIN 8: Take this elevator chain to the top, and we can finally get
to solid ground. Grab the Luigi cap for later and get our final coin,
in front of a cage. The star is inside this cage, so grab the nearby Power
Flower for invisibility and run through to our star.

-7S- Behind the Waterfall

I explained how to get here in the FAQ, so read through that if you need
to know. Anywho, we’re gonna need Wario for his Metal-ness.

RED COIN 1: AGG! As soon as we enter, we’re greeted by a Snifit blasting
who knows what that stuff is at us! Run awaaay! Run down the hallway,
and jump across two ledges over the waterfall. Cross a bridge on the
second ledge to get to the righthand side. There’s an alcove here with
two red coins.

RED COIN 2: In the same alcove as Coin 1.

RED COIN 3: Exit the alcove and head forward to the waterfall. Kill
the Goomba here if you need the Wario cap. Now jump ahead of you to
another rock with two coins.

RED COIN 4: Right next to Coin 3.

RED COIN 5: Grab the Power Flower to go metal. We can now walk under
the water, so jump off to the left and grab the coin.

RED COIN 6: It’s right under the waterfall, part of a ring of coins
surrounding a certain shadowy
star. I wonder what’ll show up there…?

RED COIN 7: Keep running around the platform in the clockwise
direction we’re in to snag the coin, directly behing the platform.

RED COIN 8: This is in the gap between the big platform and the
Goomba’s platform. Get it and return to coin 6. We did it! Now
do a Dora the Explorer dance and let’s hot-tail it out of the
Metal Cavern.

-8S- Over the Rainbow

*Shudders* This is hard. Go as Mario. In the 3rd floor, go up
the shaft to the left and we’ll start this baby. The key is
flying straight and steady here.

RED COIN 1: Right in front of you when you start.

RED COIN 2: Grab a Wing Cap. Go to where Coin 1 was and there’s a
ring. Triple jump to start flying and go through the ring. After
the ring is a rainbow. Follow it to a cloud. You may want to
approach the cloud from a side angle so you have more room to land.
The coin’s here.

RED COIN 3: Renew your Wing Cap here if needed, then start off
again by triple jumping. Go off to behind the red box and you’ll
notice two clouds, one above the other. The higher one seems to have
poles. We’re too low to even reach the bottom one, so make a left
from here and land on a cannon platform. Have the Bob-omb Buddy
prepare it for you. Shoot to the top cloud and aim as high as
possible. Get the coin here.

RED COIN 4: On the same exact cloud up here. Now take the wing cap out
of the box and fly back to the cannon.

RED COIN 5: …Actually, you don’t have to, really. The one I go for
now is the one on the cloud under you. You could fly down to it or
use the cannon, but I personally suggest returning to the main cloud
and fly from there.

RED COIN 6: NOW fly to the cannon. Shoot for the poles, and fly of to
the middle one. Get the coin at the bottom of it.

RED COIN 7: Fly to a platform with a Wario cap marked on it on the map.
Fly there and get the coin.

RED COIN 8: Go in the cannon here to get to a cloud with a Wario Brick.
The coin’s here. But geez, they placed the star all the way back at
the main cloud…Fuel up with one more Wing Cap before this trip, even
if you don’t need it. Fly back to the cannon and aim as high as possible.
If needed, fly to the other cannon. You can definitely reach it from there.

——-Bowser Level Coins——-

-1B- Bowser in the Dark World

Get twelve stars and approach the door in the lobby as Mario. Once opened,
Yoshi can go in too if you want. His jump is good for these coins, but if
you’re going after Bowser, it’s harder (But more fun) since it’s required
to get the caps Bowser spits at you sometimes to grab him and fling him
into a bomb. But that’s not what this FAQ is for; here’s your coin

RED COIN 1: Go up to the fire-spitting thing ahead. Trip the switch to make
a box appear. Wait for the fire to spout again, then quickly nab the coin.

RED COIN 2: Wait for the switch to stop, then hit it again. Go back to the
start and get the coin off the cliff there. If you have a Power Flower and
you’re Mario, take the shortcut up to the brown Goomba platform and cut
some time off this. If not, navigate the platforms to the said brown platform.

RED COIN 3: From the Goomba place, hit the block for a 1-Up Shroom, then
continue up the bridge, onto the rock and avoid the sparkly guys. What
are their names again? Umm…Well, the coin’s right here.

RED COIN 4: Continue up the bridge to the yellow block expanding towards you.
Jump on it, cross it to the grey platform, and go to the other yellow platform
for the next coin. Cross it to the rotating blocks of death!

RED COIN 5: Wait for the red platform of death to pass by it. Stand in the
lower-left corner of the platform you’re on to get it.

RED COIN 6: Cross the other platforms to the gray block ahead. There’s a thin
blue strip to walk across for the next coin at the edge.

RED COIN 7: Cross the blue planks. On the second one, jump off to the thin gray
strip over to the left. It’s there. You can cross to the other side to the

RED COIN 8: Go up the wooden panels to the big switch. No need to step on it,
just jump to the purplish platform. The last one is the Red Coin’s.

-2B- Bowser in the Fire Sea

One of my least favorite coin levels, for some reason. Ugh. Anywho, well, I
did this as Luigi, but I suppose anyone will do. The door still must be
opened by Mario, and you have to have beaten Star 1 of Dire, Dire Docks. So
here we go, good luck.

RED COIN 1: Go on the grate up ahead and jump on the other platforms as it
goes under the lava. When you’re at the other side, cross what look like roofs.
To avoid getting dunked into the lava while on the roof platforms, just stand
near the tops. Now go to the platform with the Bully. Ignore this bugger
(If possible) and go up the wire path to the left. Once at the top. Jump over
the gap for our coin.

RED COIN 2: Go back down the wire platform, pass the Goombas and grab the pole
on the grate ahead. When it’s at the top, jump to a platform across from the
Bob-omb Buddy. It’s unstable. OH NOES. Grab the coin on the right-hand side
and quickly cross to the other tilting platform and up the pole.

RED COIN 3: Climb the pole to go up to a cage. Ugh, bad camera angles ahoy!
Turn the camera to the left and you’ll notice a coin in the back corner.

RED COIN 4: There’s an elevator in here. Start it up by going on it, then
go off, back into the cage. Drop down through the empty hole created by
the elevator and you’ll get Coin 4.

RED COIN 5: Now go back and take the elevator this time. After getting to
the next floor, climb up the blue slide in front of you and slowly walk up
to the yellow walkway. At the top is a bully and a Red Coin.

RED COIN 6: Drop down and cross the platforms sliding across the lava. Watch
out for these bullies and climb the walkway. After climbing to the third
floor of the walkway, wait in the corner until the coin is close
enough to grab with a jump.

RED COIN 7: At the top of the stairs, a walkway will eventually fall to you.
Climb it, cross the roof-like platforms, and at the second fire-spitting
thingy, the coin will be in front of it on the roof. Make sure the flames
have stopped before going for it.

RED COIN 8: After crossing the roofs, heal at the heart thing if needed
and jump to the pole on the platform. Go down the next pole that’ll pop
up ahead, and land on it’s platform. Make sure the platform isn’t under
lava though. Cross the solid brick walkway to another pole. Climb the
pole, and when the pole is at its peak, handstand for the final coin.
Backtrack to the other pole, and when it comes up to the brown grate,
do a backwards somersault to get to the right-hand platform, then
jump to the left ledge to get the star.

-3B- Bowser in the Sky

Well, still pretty hard here, but not as hard as the Fire Sea, at
least in my opinion. You have no choice but to go as Mario, who is
the only one who can climb the endless stairs, that is, once you
have 80 stars.

Also, appreciate the fact that I wrote this on paper while doing
the level, lit only by the little amount of light my TV would
give off when showing Family Guy. APPRECIATE ME, DAMN YOU!

RED COIN 1: Jump straight across these platforms,watching
out for the purple block. Jump on it and up to a platform with a
box on it. You’ll notice the coin behind you. Turn to a side angle
so you can see the purple block, then do a backwards somersault
for the coin when the block is out, to limit the chance you plunge
to your doom.

RED COIN 2: Just run up the wall from here, and simply pass a few
Goombas and cross a spinning platform to the coin in the corner of
the block. You can’t miss it. Or maybe you can, but it’s not hidden
or anything.

RED COIN 3: From coin 2, run below the large plank we’ve come to
know over the course of the FAQ. Now turn so Mario is facing the far
edge, and turn the camera to his back. You may notice a coin to your
right. (Adjacent to the line of yellow coins) CAREFULLY walk down
and grab it.

Also, if you go to the far end, you can hit a switch and get a
pathetically easy star. (Easier the Fire Sea’s Switch Star in my
opinion) Work your way back up to the plank and go to the platform
with the weird purple Bob-omb. (According to Paper Mario, that
could would make him a Bob-ulk, I believe.)

RED COIN 4: Hit the switch on the other end, away from Mr. Bob-ulk.
Climb these stairs to more vertical walls we must walk up.
Listen for the fire, and dash once you hear it’s turned off. At the
top is our coin.

RED COIN 5: Now run down the other vertical wall to a checkered
platform. Watch for the piranha who somehow escaped Tiny-Huge Island.
Now, you’ll see an arrow platform. Get ready for a ride. Heal, you’ll
need it on the “off chance” you fall getting this coin. Change to a
side view and you’ll see the coin perched atop a diamond-like
platform. Jump on one of the lower, flat platforms, run up and get
ready to fall. You should survive, but you’ll be a far way down. Go
back up and complete the ride if you haven’t already.

RED COIN 6: It’s on the first spinny platform after your ride on the
arrow platform, in plain sight.

RED COIN 7: Climb the pole on the other rotating block and kill the
Goombas. More stupid purple platforms ahead…And our coin! Jump for
the pole when the platform is extended far enough, then handstand
on the pole for the coin. Jump off to the other purple block at the
other side.

RED COIN 8: This is it! After continuing up the simple path here,
go for the rotating platforms and arrange the camera so you can
easily see the platforms. You’ll notice another set of platforms
rotating around above the set you’re on. Jump to those and you can
reach the final floor of the level. DO NOT JUMP TO THE PATH
WITH THE PILLARS YET. It has a strong gust you must run against.
So if you feel like you need to, lure the Goombas up there to you,
then kick them to clear the path. Now RUN. Heal at the heart, too.
After making it on the stairs, slowly walk off the first step,
left or right. It doesn’t matter. There’s a thin path down here.
The coin is cleverly hidden under the stairs.

Now, THAT’S FINALLY IT! You’re done! And I can stop abusing the
word “platform”! …I hope. Good luck with Bowser, you’ll need it.
But there’s still a final section for me to cover…

——-Other Red Coins——-

-1O- Boos in the Castle Courtyard

You must have a mustached hero for this. Yoshi’s ground pounds
won’t effect the Boos you need to kill for this star.

Anywho, when you’re ready, go to the Basement. There’s a Boo
down there who’ll run away after seeing you. Chase him to the

RED COIN 1: There’s a Boo right in front of you, but if you
look at him, he turns invisible and impossible to kill. So
face away from him and wait for him to come at you. When he’s
about to touch your back, jump and pound the coin out of him.

RED COIN 2: There’s another one in the fountain right now,
I believe, or at least he’ll run in there eventually.
This is a little harder due to the fact he’s inside of the
fountain, but the same rule applies. You can lure him out
using back-facing tactics.

RED COIN 3-8: Well, they’re really just scattered around now.
I don’t even know why I bothered to write this all out.
It’s not too hard, unless, of course, the Red Coins aren’t in
them, which I will explain in our next section:

-2O- If I Don’t Get Them

This comes from Mike Shay, a fellow (well, formerly fellow)
FAQ writer here. I am taking his word for it; I hope he doesn’t
mind if I quote him.

“First off, I would like to thank you for the well-written FAQ
posted on GameFAQs, but there is a major problem in it that
is of large concern.

You have mentioned that the Boos in the Courtyard star may
disappear, whether you believe it or not, but posting
information on it can’t hurt, and it will help keep the
questions down, right?

Wrong. It IS hurting. It is greatly damaging the GameFAQs
SM64DS board’s community, and is entirely a ficticious rumour.
Your FAQ is one of the few that are keeping this rumour alive,
and I ask you kindly now to edit or erase that section of the
FAQ altogether.

You have been getting results from people who the star’s
“gone missing” for, and they’ve gotten “that star” somewhere
else, right? Well, that’s not quite the full story.

In actuality, the star never disappears. It never has,
never will, for no one. The actual culprits of this mystery
are actually memory, incorrect resources, and natural impulse.
When one sees the Boos with the red coins in them, they will
get the coins instantaneously, without thinking. They’ll get
the star, not even realizing they’ve done so. Once they get
to 149 stars, they search frantically for the final one, not
remembering which they had previously gotten. They check a
FAQ to see which one they may have missed, and find in those
few that this one may have been the one. They go back to check
it, but seeing as they got the star impulsively, they have
little to no memory of it ever being there, and thus believe
that they “missed” it.

They actually only are missing another star, likely the Boo
behind-the-painting one or one of the Toad stars. The star
is NEVER transferred over to another location, and the thought
that it is is becoming a rapidly-growing nightmare on the boards.

People have actually PROVEN that this star doesn’t disappear,
by getting it as their 150th star in all three existing versions
of the game.

What can you do? Well, the quickest solution would be to merely
delete that small segment of your well-written FAQ that mentions
it, but a smarter solution (which would also save your inbox, =P)
would be to change the section to explain some of the more major
points which I have explained to you this day. With your support,
we may be able to finally put this horrid rumour to rest, once and
for all.”

And well said! I have been meaning to edit this for some time due
to my own unsureness of the subject but Mike finally motivated
me to do something. So there you have it.


-1E- Copyrights

The legal crap. You know.

Mario, the Nintendo DS and this game (Super Mario 64 DS) are
NOT owned by me. Surprising. Mario is copyrighted by Nintendo.
…But technically, I OWN a Nintendo DS, but I don’t have the
copyrights and blah. Nintendo does.

GameFAQs isn’t owned by me either. It’s owned by CJayC. Wow.

This FAQ, however, is MINE. You can’t use it on your site
unless your site is GameFAQs. THEY can use it. …Or you could
use it if you ask for permission. That works too. It belongs to
Evan C. George, AKA Tails2k, Tails2k1, Tails2k2, Evang, Evie,
Evring, Toast, and, normally, just plain old Evan. NO OTHERS.

-2E- Suck-Up Section

Thanks, GameFAQs, for being an awesome site and hopefully
accepting this FAQ.

Thanks, Nintendo, for making the wonderful Nintendo DS,
this game and helping me through many a boring car ride
with your portable systems.

Thank you, Coca-Cola, for without your wonderful soda,
I wouldn’t have had the pep in me to write this monstrosity.

Thank you, Batotaur, for having the skills to survive.

Thanks, 390494. (I used a secret code to hide it!)

Thanks to anyone who understood the previous two statements,
AKA my true pals and all those who’ve stuck by me. That means
Carbon, Azp, Brody, thecow, WolfLord, and a bunch of other
idiots who feed off the dead remains of an Animal Crossing
website with me.

THANK YOU, GENERAL BOB! You and your Super Saiyan Loller
Skating powers saved the world from the evil ROFL Waffles!
LET’S GIVE GENERAL BOB A HAND! (If you don’t know what
I’m talking about…go on e-Bay more.)

My lava lamp, for mesmerizing me every time I try to write this.
…Wait, I don’t wanna thank something that distracts me. Gyah.

Thanks to Mike Shay for taking the time to e-mail me on the
whole Red Coin ordeal.

Thanks, to me, for writing this, then going back and editing it
a million times after it got rejected, as well as having to
constantly indent everything to conform to the “80 characters
a sentence” rule at GameFAQS. I guess I know for next time. 😛

And thanks, everyone who encouraged me to write this FAQ.
It’s my first, you know. …As if I didn’t say that

-3E- Contact

My e-mail is Spam/flame me and you will die.
You can also contact me via AIM at Evang1109. One of the
bigger sacrifices of being a FAQ writer is having idiots bombard
you with dumb crap you couldn’t care less about, and/or repeating
questions you’ve answered a million times to other AIMers, that
have already been said in the FAQ…

-4E- Closing

Well, that’s it. My first FAQ is done. I’d be lucky if I didn’t get
arthritis when I’m old, crotchety and hating whippersnappers now,
between the games I play and the typing I do. But now I can add
“FAQ Writer” to my already hefty resume of nerdiness, including
“fanfic writer”, “Gaming Nerd” and…I dunno what else I do
besides that. Sad.

So thanks for reading. If I helped you, well, all the better.
Making someone happy is always a plus to my day. See you some
other time.

-Evan George (Yes, I have a weird last name. ONOS.)


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